My Hair Drug Test Publishes New Advice on How To Pass Hair and Urine Drug Tests

My Hair Drug Test has published updated advice and guidance for those who are at risk of serious career and legal complications as a result of a drug test, and need a guaranteed solution.

— Hair drug tests analyse the folic acid extruded at the root of the hair for traces left by illicit drugs. Taking of a wide variety of illegal drugs including cocaine and weed can result in these traces being present both in hair and urine for weeks after being taken, and cause individuals to fail a drug test. Often a drug test can stand between an individual and their career, which in a time of economic uncertainty, is a dire consequence for failing. My Hair Drug Test has published new guidance to help people avoid this catastrophe.

The website is a place where individuals concerned about hair or urine tests can ask questions and have them answered by others in this supportive community. The site answers common questions from how a hair drug test works, what different methods for drug testing exist, how to pass a hair drug test, how to pass a urine drug test and where to find the best test-beating guides online.

The site highly recommends Drug Test Friend, a site that offers a comprehensive guide to beating a hair or urine drug test. In just five days, the guide can take individuals through the steps they need to change the chemical signatures of their hair and urine and flush out all traces of drugs.

A spokesperson for My Hair Drug Test explained, “The site was created because many individuals find themselves in these situations and don’t deserve to be criminalized or lose their job over an isolated mistake. When people are driven to excess it is almost always due to stress or extraordinary circumstances, and we believe individuals shouldn’t be punished for this when it comes to their work. As such, we have created a home to share experiences and strategies, sources and more for clearing hair and urine drug tests, and have found Drug Test Friend to be the most reliable and high quality of the services available on the web.”

About My Hair Drug Test:
My Hair Drug Test is a resource center designed to convey information, strategies and innovative ways to pass a drug test if and when they are required to take on and have been under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

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