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My Body Transformation Publishes review of Jillian Michael Body Revolution to add to their catalog of weight loss program reviews.

— Studies show most people who begin a diet or weight loss program fail for one of two reasons -- either they lack specific instruction and direction, or else they get discouraged and stop before they show results. With that in mind, the creators of The My Body Transformation Reviews website (, will now feature exclusive interviews dedicated to the accumulation and dissemination of various real life reviews of Jillian Michael's three month weight loss and body transformation workout program.

The Jillian Michael Body Revolution program provides people who are motivated to lose weight with a no-fail direct 90 day weight loss journey. The Jillian Michael Body Revolution program features three months of direct, individual coaching with Jillian Michael, fitness guru herself, demonstrating what to do when using a detailed and carefully crafted program structured to help you take control of your diet, your body and your life. The primary objective of the My Body Transformation Reviews website is to equip those considering the purchase of the program with the information they need in order to decide whether to make this investment.

Company spokesman Jennifer Philburn puts it this way. "The Jillian Michael Body Revolution is not an easy program. It's not a program that tells you to pop a pill, put your feet up and wake up in the morning to find you've lost ten pounds. It doesn't work like that. It's real work. It's targeted, intense, physically demanding ... and it works. It is important that people know what they're getting into before they invest their hard-earned money. However, for people who are willing to do the work, the rewards are great, and they are results they can count on. In 90 short days, those who use the workout DVDs -- there are 15 of them -- and who employ the information and recipes in the 78 page nutrition guide, and who stick with the program -- will have lost a significant amount of weight, have achieved greater physical well-being and health, and wil enjoy infinitely greater muscle tone, strength and flexibility."

The Jillian Michael Body Revolution has transformed the lives of thousands of women around the globe. The multi-pronged approach employs resistance training, cardiovascular training as well as diet, and together the three are synergistic -- more effective together than any one of the three would be alone. The recommended diet provides the body with the fuel it needs to perform the daily, thirty minute workouts. Jillian provides structured, diverse workouts, enthusiastic, motivational coaching and truly tasty recipes. You essentially are purchasing a personal trainer for the cost of a DVD program.

About provides critiques, evaluations, testimonials and assessments by real people who have tried the Jillian Michael Body Revolution weight loss and body makeover program for the benefit of those currently considering the program.

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