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MT Land Broker Announces Compelling Value on Eastern Montana Ranches Real Estate

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Eastern Montana Ranches and Land offer a compelling value for someone looking for a Montana Ranch with price appreciation potential. With the great upland and big game hunting and Eastern Montana rugged beauty many people don't realize what Eastern Montana offers.

Venture West Ranches, a Montana Ranch Real Estate Brokerage firm, stated that Eastern Montana Ranches, Recreational and Hunting Land offer compelling prices for ranch buyers considering a Montana purchase. With farm and ranch prices in SW Montana ranging from $2000-5000/acre depending on water, size and agriculture or recreational use, it has become prohibitive for many ranch buyers to purchase a SW Montana ranch. While SW Montana offers trout and elk and is more forested and mountainous, Eastern Montana land is very beautiful in its own right. Eastern Montana offers rolling hills, coulees, rugged territory and badlands. Historically, Eastern Montana is classic cattle country but offers great hunting opportunities and rugged Eastern Montana beauty at much reduced price per acre.

A buyer can still purchase Eastern Montana land in the $500-$1000/acre that offers great grass for cattle, good soil for crops and excellent hunting for Pheasants, Geese, Ducks, Whitetail and world class Mule Deer. Eastern Montana’s hunting opportunities and numbers have still not been discovered by a big portion of the hunting population. There are also pockets of Eastern Montana that have Elk as well. As more people discover the recreational value of this land it will be like any other area where demand outruns supply.

With the excellent hunting, increasing population exodus from big cities and ample water, Eastern Montana is ripe for a long term trend of nice land appreciation. It is still old time Montana where families are multiple generation ranchers and neighbors help each other in times of need. Partner of Venture West Ranches Buzz Tatom states, “Eastern Montana is a special place where people are still very friendly and life revolves around farming and ranching and the pursuit of outdoor interests.”

Eastern Montana is defined geographically in numerous ways. For simplification purposes, Eastern Montana starts somewhere East of Billings, MT and covers 30+ counties.

Venture West Ranches assists clients in buying and selling ranches all over Montana. From large legacy ranches and recreational properties to farms and small hunting land acreages that back to public lands, VWR helps people fulfill their dreams of owning a Montana ranch or going through the complicated process of selling.

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