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Movie Favorites Interviews Filmmaker Scott Tucker

Entertainment website MovieFavorites.Org interviews filmmaker Scott Tucker about his previous work and his upcoming documentary about the history and current state of reggae.

— In a soon to be released interview, online entertainment publication Movie Favorites will publish exclusive details from Scott Tucker about his new project, a documentary about the past and current world of reggae.

Editors of Movie Favorites say that obtaining the interview with Scott Tucker is helping them towards their goal of becoming a premium outlet for entertainment news. At the same time, Scott Tucker benefits from coverage on the site, as he is still in the fundraising process for his upcoming film.

According to, editors of the site have been working to obtain interviews with various actors and filmmakers for the past several months, but the site currently lacks the name recognition to get a second-glance from agents and publicists. While interviewing Scott Tucker is an end itself, it also part of the entertainment news publisher's larger strategy to reach bigger names in the entertainment world.

"This is a win-win situation and it's a relationship we hope to continue," says Jeff McNulty of Movie Favorites. "We are hoping that by demonstrating our competence and promotional capabilities in this interview with Scott Tucker, we can earn some interview time with other artists, and at the same time, we won't forget about Tucker as his career progresses."

The interview with Scott Tucker is expected to be released in June, but editors of the site say that they have agreed to time the interviews publication in synchronization with other media efforts that Scott Tucker has organized, in order to achieve maximum effect towards Tucker's fundraising goals.

"Scott is working extremely hard to reach his fundraising goals to make this documentary a reality, so we are happy to help him out by waiting for the perfect moment to publish our interview with him," says Jeff McNulty of Movie Favorites.

By Dan Sherman

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