Mold Inspection & Testing Offers Mold Testing To Identify Dangerous Stachybotrys Chartarum

Mold Inspection & Testing is the largest test only company and specializes in identifying dangerous strains of mold that can cause serious health complications.

— Stachybotrys is actually one of the less common species of mold and is usually only found when some sort of water damage is present. Black mold can cause respiratory problems, hypersensitive and is said to have carcinogenic properties. Some black mold is more aggressively disruptive than others, though it is almost impossible to tell by looking. Mold Inspection & Testing offers Stachybotrys Chartarum identification services to quickly establish whether this most dangerous form of black mold is present, then recommends what action be taken.

As well as being a leading provider of the most accurate mold testing and inspections, the Mold Inspection and Test website provides a comprehensive resource center to help individuals identify Stachybotrys Chartarum and brief them on the consequences of mold left unchecked. It includes information on symptoms, visual identifiers, causes, health and safety procedures and more.

The website does make clear that only mold testing advanced and specific enough to accurately differentiate between Stachybotrys Chartarum and less harmful mold, making it the premier service for all responsible businesses and homeowners concerned about indoor mold growth.

A spokesperson for Mold Inspection & Testing explained, “Dangerous mold growths can be nearly indistinguishable from benign mold growths, but for businesses and concerned homeowners, not acting in the event that it is in fact dangerous mold can leave people at risk of respiratory conditions and worse, leave those responsible legally liable in the event of the worst case scenarios. As a test-only company, our customers are guaranteed that we have no vested interest in promoting removal services, only in giving accurate readings, and we guarantee the most accurate readings in the industry. In this way, they can absolutely trust what the results of our inspections and tests.”

About Mold Inspection & Testing:
MI&T was established in 2009 in Chicago, IL and South Florida and has since expanded its operations to over 30 major metropolitan areas. They’ve established themselves as the leaders in the mold inspection field and are one of the few test only companies in the mold industry. Their top priority has and always will be to educate people about the truths and myths about indoor mold growth.

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