Mitochondria Activation For All Fitness And Athletics Enthusiasts Who Use Post Workout Recovery Drink Mix

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Mitochondria activation and recovery enhancement from Mite-E now available to current and new customers.

Fitness and athletic enthusiasts looking for Mitochondria growth and recovery enhancement can take advantage of the new offering from Mito-E Mito-E been formulated specifically for this benefit for both new and existing customers. In order to take advantage of Mitochondria growth and recovery enhancement customers can visit the website at for full details.

Mito-E is excited to unveil the latest benefit for current and new customers of Mito-E. This Post Workout Recovery Drink Mix is specifically designed to meet the needs of Fitness And Athletic Enthusiasts.

Fred Siaosi, COO, described the Mitochondria growth and recovery enhancement available from the Mito-E post workout recovery drink mix in this way: “Every cell in the human body contains mitochondria. Mitochondria produce the energy (ATP) that all bodies need to perform. The more mitochondria that are present in the body’s cells AND the healthier those mitochondria are, the better a person will feel, perform, recover and live.

Mito-E supports the health of existing mitochondria in cells as well as encouraging the growth of NEW mitochondria in existing cells. Mito-E has been clinically proven to grown more mitochondria in muscle cells, most specifically in the cells of the legs and heart. If the human body was 4-cylinder car engine, adding Mito-E would be the equivalent of adding 2 more cylinders to the engine, bolstering the actual power to that of a V6. The heart-healthy, natural ingredients in Mito-E, including Organic Raw Cacao, Echinacea and L-carnitine, and Alpha lipoic acid, support heart health and improve cell functions as well as increasing metabolism so that consumers and health and fitness enthusiasts can feel better and perform better with daily use.”

Interested parties who would like to be a part of the first wave of athletes to experience the Mitochondria growth and recovery enhancement available via Mito-E are encouraged to visit the website for full details and to get started. To see the difference that mitochondrial growth can have on a well-balanced fitness regimen or program, visit Mito-E at:

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