Milton, Florida Hurricane Resistant Sunroom Building Materials Launched

23 February, 2021

Titan Sunrooms has launched its updated Colorbeam building material in its new factory location in Milton, Florida. Titan’s proprietary building material makes sunrooms hurricane-resistant.

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Titan’s updated Colorbeam building material handles wind loads better than traditional aluminium. Titan’s engineers have designed the company’s Colorbeam Aluminium Framing System to be structurally superior to standard light frame aluminium systems, most of which were developed many years ago when there were lower building codes. Since Titan framing members are 50% thicker than other leading brands, they offer significantly more wind load resistance.

Titan takes pride in the quality and strength of its Colorbeam panels, which are made from galvalume steel and are twice as strong as standard aluminium. Its Colorbeam wall panels have been expertly designed to offer form, function, and durability. The wall panels offer sunrooms a sleek modern look stemming from their smooth matte finish. Additionally, Colorbeam’s 40-year finish means no maintenance is required, unlike the 10-year coatings used on other panels.

Florida is vulnerable to tropical storms and suffers frequent hurricanes, making it imperative that strong and durable materials are used for sunrooms. Colorbeam wall panels have been tested in some of the harshest weather environments in the world. As a result, Titan’s Colorbeam wall panels are dent, fade, insect, and fire resistant. The wall panels are also available in 3.5 inches for glass rooms that need additional insulation.

Properly built sunrooms require strong connectors, which are often the weakest link. Titan has designed its connectors with extra size and thickness to provide added strength. This innovative design makes Titan’s connectors stronger than its competitors ensuring rooms hold together even while under extreme stress caused during a hurricane.

Titan’s factory direct service eliminates the middleman, allowing for their superior products to be sold directly to customers at lower prices. To provide more financial flexibility, Titan offers a number of different financing options, although a minimum purchase is required.

For more information about Titan Sunrooms watch the video listed above or call 850-733-7445.

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