Millennium Solder: Christian Science Fiction Book Reveals Surprising Facts for Christian Book Readers

Suppose many humans were actually clones created by a malignant entity whose goal is to alter humanity’s DNA? Voyle Glover's Millennium Soldier goes after that issue. While labeled Christian science fiction, it's a prevocative, in-your-face story that may have more truth than fiction.

Can it be that many, perhaps MOST of those populating the planet Earth are clones?

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide  quality Christian fiction, Brevia Publishing Co. has published a new book entitled Millennium Soldier: The Ancient Ones, a book which delves deeply into the far side of some Christian doctrines and explores issues that are are only now beginning to be discussed openly. Before, those discussions were whispered.  Christian book readers who are interested  can preview this very different Christian oriented science fiction novel at

One of the most surprising pieces of information in the book was the interplay of the main character with an individual that is central to the Christian belief: Satan. In the   book, this creature appears n the form of a man, a very powerful man, mysterious and incredibly charming. When asked about that, the author, Voyle Glover, mused that “Satan is a pretty smooth character. He is called a deceiver. In other words, he’s a good con man. I’d say he’s the best there ever was. So, it was only natural to portray him as charming.”  Millennium Solder raises many legitimate questions and issues for the Christian, not the least of which is whether clones walk amongst them, or worse, sit in their pews and stand in their pulpits? Traditional Christianity is used to the notion of “tares” and “unbelievers”  being amongst them. But, according to the author,  “Those tares and unbelievers may be more than that. Much more.”

In discussing the idea for the book, Glover said, “Too few Christian books exist which explore the genesis of the Nephelim and the ramifications of the alterations to the human DNA. This book raises the specter of an evil being who not only cloned humans, but spawned other creatures and sent them off-world with an agenda: Return one day and help destroy all of humanity.” Glover believes his book will give a new slant on the UFO phenomenon, as well as a valid explanation to the discoveries over the centuries of man-like creatures called “Early Man” by some scientists. Were these early efforts by Satan to clone humans? His first “failures?” His book certainly poses those questions, and more.

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