Memory Palace Technique Improve Cognitive Function & Learning Course Launched

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A new memory improvement course has been launched, called The Superlearner Masterclass. It provides video modules on improving memory retention and learning based on the memory palace technique.

A new online course has been launched, called called The Superlearner Masterclass, which offers modules on helping participants to improve their memory. It focuses on improving learning speed, memory retention, and cognitive processing, helping students to improve their skills at work and at home.

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The new course teaches a number of different intellectual skills and complimentary methods to help participants improve their memory. These are taught across 15 hours of videos, with 17 worksheets provided to course participants. In addition to this, a forum is provided for anyone looking to discuss the modules with their peers.

Alongside this, course participants get access to over 30 lectures on advanced topics with some of the leading memory experts in the field.

Other key features include a daily log of progress with weekly checkup emails, and an open line of communication with the creators of the course. This means that students can get help to any queries they have at any time.

The memory training course is designed to increase reading speed, learning capacity, and memory retention. The “memory palace” approach offers new lines of thinking for individuals, and helps them to develop powerful memory techniques.

Improving memory has a range of benefits, including becoming more organized, improving business and social life, and relieving much of the stress of day to day life. A sharper and better memory can help participants to grasp more confusing concepts faster, and be more successful in social events.

The team behind the course states: “What we are trying to get at here is that this course is not only going to teach you how to study better or faster. This masterclass is going to change the entire mindset you have towards studying and learning, rework your skillset from the ground up to improve it and make it more efficient and then give you the tools to apply this to every single area in your life.”

Full details on the new course can be found on the URL above.

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