Education Launches Interactive EMT Practice Tests Center

Users are now unlocking achievements, climbing leaderboards, and spending more time preparing for the NREMT exam than ever before.

— Across the nation, approximately 27,540 people fail the NREMT Exam each year. Even after spending a year in school, putting in hundreds of clinical hours, and untold weeks of study, the first time pass rate of NREMT students is only 73%.

"The EMS community is very small and your reputation is so important in this field. Failing can really affect your confidence." says Joseph Storm, the owner of Medictests, a company specializing in EMT and Paramedic test prep. "This whole thing started as a way for me to help my EMT class prepare more efficiently. Soon, the site started getting used by other classes, then by students across the country!" In 2012, we launched the National Registry Simulator™, our adaptive test software, and the first time pass rate of Medictests members has climbed to over 94%."

Medictests hasn't stopped there, though. As the leader in NREMT Exam prep, Medictests is continuing to advance and improve the experience of students to make them even better and more prepared in the field.

"We don't just want users to buy, we want users to CRUSH the test!" says Joseph,"There is a percentage of people who buy books, get online prep access, or study materials, and then only use it once or twice a month. The old ways of studying are just boring. So,in creating our new NREMT Practice Tests, we decided to focus on fun. Our members enjoy the experience, spend more time studying, and pass at a higher rate. They do better, are happier members, and they become better EMTs and Paramedics. We are EMTs and Paramedics ourselves, so we know what it means to pass that test."

So how, exactly, do they make the site fun? They used elements from popular games like World of Warcraft and Candy Crush Saga to construct a system of score-related ways to advance. There is a leaderboard on the front page featuring the current weekly champions. Another feature is the inclusion of a leaderboard for schools which lets students from different classes compete against each other for bragging rights. While testing, users can unlock achievements and get badges for reaching certain milestones.

New Updates to the National Registry Simulator™ include better test logic to make it even more accurately linked to the testing environment of the NREMT exam. In addition, it now gives 'smart feedback' according to the testing habits. For those who are taking too long, missing important types of questions, or having a problem with test anxiety, the test attempts to figure it out and give feedback on how to improve their habits and understanding of the topics.

In addition to Medictests' Exam Center, they have an entire library of study resources and "Quick and Dirty Guides" to difficult EMS Topics for each provider level. The study area is divided neatly into categories such as Cardiology, Medical, Trauma, EMS Operations, etc. Each menu drops down to reveal dozens of resources per topic.

"The whole thing works together and creates a really fun environment!" says one student. "It's so much better than staring at my book or reading webpages all day. You have no idea how much these guys care. After I passed my test, I got a personal email from the staff saying 'Congratulations! We are ALL so proud of you! Welcome to the family!' and you just don't find that kind of thing anywhere else."

For more information on Medictests or the Spring 2014 updates, visit - The Leader in NREMT Exam Prep

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