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MBTC will be the next chance in crypto market

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In the blockchain field, it was recognized as the first year of the public chain in 2018...

— In the blockchain field, it was recognized as the first year of the public chain in 2018. There are various public network main networks that claim to be the blockchain 3.0 version. 2019,the project has begun to develop the underlying public chain since the beginning of 2018. MBTC will also launch main network. The team has been working in a low-key, down-to-earth manner. Although few outsiders know the detailed progress of this public chain, this does not hinder the construction of the company's own community. Conversely, community consensus is purer and more faithful than other public chains. One of the beautiful brands of Dapp, which has been on the line for just three months, has more than 400,000 real users, and this number is still rising rapidly over time.

Another important reason why MBTC has not been known by the general public is the problem of the target population. Since no funds have been raised from retail investors, the source of funds for MBTC is mainly from institutions and is conducted in the form of equity. Therefore, it is impossible for MBTC to have the phenomenon that the retail investors have lost money and then went to the streets or defended their rights. The stigma does not exist, and it is even more impossible to be famous for a long time. Good reputation and real value come from: accumulation!

The real power of MBTC is the ecological construction. At present, several decentralized applications of cooperation have been identified. There are financial DAPP, community DAPP, base wine DAPP, tourism DAPP, animation DAPP, decentralized wallet, transaction. So dozens of DAPP applications are entering the development stage, and eventually form a DAPP service group (from the official website) that integrates data collection, receipt processing, receipt storage, and data transaction. The editors believe that the existence of these dapps and MBTC It is complementary to each other, and it is also the main reason why editors are interested in the MBTC. The traditional public chain has not yet had a killer commercial application, but it is of little value in essence. There are still many public chains that have no developers who are willing to deploy their own business ecosystem. It is also a relatively embarrassing phenomenon.

MBT Chain is a decentralized data blockchain ecosystem launched by the My Best Foundation (non-profit) in Singapore. Our position is to provide commercial-grade blockchain infrastructure services for the big data industry. On the one hand, it builds an enterprise-level blockchain basic public chain, and on the other hand builds a highly scalable application business support system. Among them, the bottom layer is our public blockchain MBT Chain, which focuses on the data industry. Map the real-world behavioral data world to the blockchain. Through cross-platform, cross-enterprise, cross-industry, cross-border interconnection and collaboration, create a new business model, and provide decentralized data credit services for collaborative participants.

MBTC not only has great ambitions and long-term and huge blueprint vision, but most importantly, from the current technological development trend, all the functions of the company are possible.

Because MBTC aims to solve three aspects of the current market pain point:

1. The huge market space in the data market: All the business in the future will become a data business. With the further improvement of the Internet of life, the popularity of 5G networks, the behavior of all individuals and enterprises will be digitized, and the data will be collected and stored. Processing, trading and trading become one of the biggest industries in the future.
2. the data industry faces many problems: the data fraud in various industries, the asymmetry of credit data between merchants, resulting in numerous cases of being deceived by pits. The giants only care about their respective territories, and the data is not willing to share with other companies, resulting in a waste of resources.
3. The compatibility of data and blockchain technology: the blockchain distributed storage and data can not be falsified, unforgeable, etc., the intelligent contract of the blockchain and the data confidentiality contract are natural.Then the blockchain technology must become the data industry The core of the underlying technology of the next stage of development.

Forward-looking determines how far a project can go. Data business and 5G networks are all future trends. The founding team can take advantage of the trend and the future is boundless.

With a strong background, a new business model, a high-quality value system, and a number of major technology and application advantages, MBTC is used to realize the investor's value perception of the activation project and improve the user activity of the high-quality project. The market value of the blockchain has become the vane of the blockchain investment market.

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