May the Fourth- Zofia’s offers limited-release Star Wars-Themed Pierogi

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May the Fourth Be With You. Zofia's offers limited-release Star Wars-Themed Pierogi with Fresh Piping Hot Puns

Although open for a short time the staff at Zofia’s have grudgingly accepted one indelible truth: Pierogi and pierogi makers are the geeks of the culinary world. Not as cool as BBQ smokers, not as hip as coffee roasters, not as snobby as secret-party host-ers.

Zofia’s has decided to embrace its inner culinary nerd by going all-out for the International Geek Holiday that is May the Fourth by offering limited edition Star Wars Pierogi!

Available 8 to an order, with your preference of steamed, sauteed, fried or frozen in carbonite by request.

This Star Wars Deal is available for a limited time. We’ve altered the deal by offering it May 1st-5th. Pray that we don’t alter it further .

Included in this collection are:

The Obi-Won Pierogi: Tatooine Tagine. Braised Chicken, Raisin, Almond, Tunisian Harissa and Couscous. $11.99

The Baby Yoda Pierogi: Peas, Mint, Midichlorians, Lemon and Ricotta $11.99

The Darth Vader Pierogi: Chorizo and Provolone. You will note that the white cheese inside represents the good that must be in him still! The Darth Vader pierogi comes with a mandatory force choking hazard warning of course. (please take your time groaning at this joke.) $12.99

The C-Threepierogi: Blanched vegetable pasta / standard Android wiring. $11.99

The Tauntaun Wonton: And you thought they smelled bad on the outside! Red-wine pear and stinky Gorganzola $12.99

Blue Milk Cocktail: In a pouch for Jedi on-the-go! Price TBD


About Zofia’s Kitchen:

Pierogi shop Zofia’s Kitchen opened on Friday, December 11, 2020 as a NYC-meets-Chicago deli stall inside Quarter Market, Ballston Quarter Mall’s food court.

The menu features classic and modern interpretations of pierogi, the dumplings best known for its Polish roots and often filled with meat and potatoes. Zofia’s signature dumplings include the loaded baked potato pierogi with cheddar, chives and bacon; a house-cured and smoked pastrami pierogi with provolone; a crab rangoon pierogi seasoned with Old Bay and an everything bagel pierogi stuffed with cream cheese and lox.

Sides include the daring latke doughnut: shredded potato and onion formed into a ring and fried, served with lemon-dill sour cream; plus seasonal salads and soups.

About the Chef:

No stranger to food puns or excessive alliteration, Chef Ed Hardy knows how to push the limits of ordinary cuisine and transform it into an extraordinary palate pleaser. Chef Hardy tries to bring a little twist, fun, or nostalgia to every recipe. Some of his favorite recent creations include the Apple Pie-rogi, the Lamb Gyro-gi and the Special Spaetzle Schnitzel Pretzel Sandwich. Chef Hardy’s career spans from cooking under Chef Marcus Samulesson in New York City to running a bacon-themed food truck across the DC area.

Contact Info:
Name: Edward Hardy
Email: Send Email
Organization: Zofia's Kitchen
Address: 4238 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22203, United States
Phone: +1-703-550-6220

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