Marshville Cosmetic Dentistry Crowns & Teeth Whitening Dentist Services Launched

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The award winning Wingate Dental Care, available at 704 233-5545, has new cosmetic dentistry procedures available for families in Marshville and Wingate, North Carolina.

The popular Wingate Dental Care has updated the vast range of cosmetic dentistry procedures it can offer patients in Marshville and Wingate who want a perfect smile with a lost less cost, pain and downtime.

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Wingate Dental Care is the award winning dentist most of the families in Marshville, Wingate and Unionville, NC turn to when they want to keep their mouths healthy, their teeth beautiful and their dental appointments affordable and fun.

So every patient in the area can build a beautiful, flawless smile with a lot less cost, stress and downtime, the practice has once again updated its coveted range of cosmetic dentistry.

It now includes professional bleaching with sheer white strips that can make teeth several shades lighter or Invisalign tooth alignment for those who want to straighten the teeth without the inconvenience of ugly metal braces and wires.

It offers strong white resin fillings that match the teeth perfectly and all porcelain crowns, bridges or implant restorations with a 3M digital scanner that guarantees the most accurate, precise fit.

And it even provides aesthetic recountouring for any small teeth defects, partial and complete dentures to restore a gorgeous, functional and natural looking smile, and porcelain or resin veneers to beautify a smile quick and easy.

They join the wide range of preventive and primary oral health care procedures the practice has been offering the community for years and which have earned them their reputation as the ‘go to’ family dentist in Wingate and Marshville.

They are all delivered by the seasoned, skilled dentist Dr. Jonathan C. Allen Jr., and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member Dr. Mark Lassiter, with the assistance of a friendly, passionate crew that knows how to keep the patients at ease.

They explain “our mission is to keep our practice as Wingate and Marshville’s premier dental office by providing a world class experience to our patients. That’s why we always strive for incredible comprehensive dental care in a compassionate, professional environment.”

To book an appointment at the Wingate Dental Care and check all the cosmetic dentistry procedures they offer, clients can call 704 233-5545, visit them at 207 W. Wilson St., or see their website at the link provided above.

Contact Info:
Name: Kristen Rhoad
Organization: Wingate Dental Care
Address: 207 West Wilson Street, Wingate, NC 28174, United States
Phone: +1-704-233-5545

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