Business Preparing To Launch New Submission Dashboard for Its Press Release Distribution Service

MarketersMedia is pleased to announce to the public the launch of a New Submission Dashboard which is expected to radically improve provision of high quality and effective Press Release Distribution Services. Since inception, MarketersMedia has earned itself a reputation for providing the best press release distribution coverage which have enabled clients to enjoy improved branding, reaching the right journalists and their mass target audiences.

Since the launch of the Press Release Distribution Service, clients have been able to realize maximum publicity after sharing information on product launches, acquisitions as well as sending out other entrepreneurial news using a wide network of distribution partners. MarketersMedia has mastered the use of modern technology to enable clients' high quality press releases benefit from platforms such as social media and RSS syndication to reach a wider coverage area. Distribution of press releases in a well defined reach to top news sites such as Google News, Yahoo! News as well as top 2000+ premium media outlets such as WSJ, Reuters, Associated Press, ABC Disney, CBS and is certainly one unique key advantage businesses are looking for.

In response to the increasing number of clients, new technology trends and the need to ensure maximum impact of press release distribution campaigns, MarketersMedia has decided to invest in a new submission dashboard which is expected to absorb new expansion plans expected to be rolled out soon. While the old submission dashboard was able to perform according to expectations, fears were high that the system would not be able to adapt to the rapid changing requirements as well as keep up with modern technology trends.

The new dashboard facilitates increased efficiency as well as offers better utilization of resources. For instance, the new dashboard is expected to be more intuitive, robust as well as highly adaptive to differences in various parameters. Significant performance in terms of speed is also expected.

The new dashboard will be better explained, simpler to navigate as well as display more information in limited amounts of space. The ability to aggregate entire distribution plans into a single submission form is perhaps one of the most key benefits expected. The old dashboard was only able to accommodate a one distribution plan per form.

It's also worth noting that MarketersMedia has in the recent times substantially widened its distribution partners to include financial data aggregators, financial information systems and well established authoritative sites such as WSJ, Yahoo News and Reuters.

With this change, it is expected that clients will enjoy better traffic, enhanced systematic news release channels as well as enjoy better publicity and recognition. With a wide and growing network of distribution partners, customers will be able to use these facilities to effectively send out news to intended audiences within the proper timeframes.

MarketersMedia believes in converting simple press releases to go viral, generate buzz as well as entice quality media attention. With the new improvements in place, clients will be able to enjoy better coverage and publicity. The switch to a new dashboard is reflective of the company's commitment to constantly improve services to its clients.

MarketersMedia wishes to thank all its clients, distribution partners, financial data integrators and information services as well as other key players for the incredible role they have played in shaping the company's dynamics.

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