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Market 2019 is bullish, the second-contract trading pioneered by ATMEX exchange leading the way

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In the second half of 2018, practitioners of blockchain industry stopped their brutal expansion, and most air projects went to zero, which is also called "cold winter" by insiders.

— In the second half of 2018, practitioners of blockchain industry stopped their brutal expansion, and most air projects went to zero, which is also called "cold winter" by insiders. However, when traditional investment banks failed to support blockchain, and ordinary investors can not understand due to the information asymmetry, blindly fearing blockchain, which has filtered out projects of poor quality of blockchain industry with a new growth period ushered in.

Perhaps such signal is not very obvious in China, but taking a broad view internationally, from opening Bitcoin payment by Japanese shops, access of Bitcoin to futures allowed by America SEC, to access of blockchain projects test to market in the sandbox of UK regulator, new growth of blockchain in the macro environment has acquired policy support and supervision assistance of different levels from governments.

Face up to the most difficult projects

In contrast to China, the regulation is relatively strict to ensure the stability of the market and protect the interests of traditional investors. Operating blockchain projects in such an environment, especially those involving Token, requires more sophisticated technology and strong initial capital, and can only survive in a completely legal and compliant environment. In this special period, projects that only wish to make money have lost the hotbed of nourishment. In the current market environment, those who still choose to engage in the blockchain industry can be said to be a group of people with real faith in blockchain. This includes the digital asset trading platform, ATMEX.

As a project of an old company providing financial services, ATMEX digital asset trading platform is operated by WINCENT international, a UK-registered provider of digital asset financial services, the company owns a 2006 UK Companies Act licence and licence of many kinds of commodity trading centre of Dubai.

According to data researched by his team, statistics of Cointelegraph show that the daily transaction volume in the digital currency market peaked at $55.659 billion in 2017 (December 20, 2017), an increase of 95.68 times compared with the peak in 2016 (August 3, 2016). The 55.659 billion US dollars in daily trading volume is equivalent to the average daily trading volume of the New York stock exchange in 2017.

Tom Lee A Wall Street analyst and co-founder of us securities research firm Fundstrat, predicted that Bitcoin will reach 91,000 US dollars by March 2020 based on historical data on the price performance of digital asset bellwether Bitcoin after the market falls.

Additionally, according to an international famous digital asset data statistics website coinmarketcap, there are more than 1,500 kinds of digital currencies in the marke with the overall market value exceeding 300 billion US dollars, and the proportion of non-Bitcoin digital assets exceeding 55%. What’s more, in 2017 solely, more than 500 ICO projects were completed and the amount of financing exceeded 5 billion US dollars, there are hundreds of ICO large and small projects around the world every month.

Pioneered the new trading mode of second-contract trading

How to maximize the benefits of users holding coins is the primary consideration in establishing a digital asset trading platform. After many modeling tests, ATMEX has confirmed the innovative trading mode of second-contract trading.

Firstly, ATMEX digital asset trading platform and WTOEX trading platform reached a strategic partnership, which means that the C2C services of ATMEX digital currency will be undertaken by WTOEX trading platform (WTOEX is an internationally renowned professional C2C trading platform, the main business scope: provide fast, convenient fiat(any fiat) for digital assets investors of the countries in the world and exchange service between digital currency). The contract and second-contract trading transaction of ATMEX will be valued in WTO which is a stable and accessible digital currency issued by WTOEX platform. In the future, it will be launched on many digital asset trading platforms, and will open coin currency trading pairs, meanwhile, it will be the unit of valuation for contracts and second-contract trading of many digital asset trading platforms.

New opportunities in new market

For many individual investors who are tempted by block chain industry, but are afraid to risk the investment,new policy support planned by the government in 2018 will also be released and implemented in 2019, the "small trend" of blockchain will become a big trend, some people say that the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, followed by now. Blockchain industry gradually becomes stable, the healthy signal is more and more apparent, and practitioners deepening in the industry to engage in financial services is walking in the forefront of the industry, the Token economy will be the direction of the economy in the future, as individual investors, should understand and invest into the new trend of the industry more actively, grasp the dynamic, rather than feeling at a loss on the fence conservatively and making one’s assets shrink dramatically due to the iteration of industry.

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