Manassa Hartman, P.C. Launches Latest Collaborative Divorce Resources

31 October, 2017

Reports from 1980 predicted potentially discouraging outcomes for married couples, indicating half of marriages of the time would end in divorce with those numbers continuing to surge for the decades to come. Despite the grim forecast, studies released earlier this year point to more positive trends in this arena. In contrast to previous projections, divorce rates have declined significantly over the years; at the same time, those faced with dissolution are increasingly veering away from traditional adversarial means.

In light of this development, Lawrence S. Manassa Attorney with Manassa Hartman, P.C. has launched the firm's latest collaborative divorce resources. "We've certainly seen a growing trend toward collaborative divorce efforts," affirmed Manassa, "and we want to help foster this movement. This holistic approach to the dissolution of marriages typically costs less than conventional proceedings and brings about less stress for everyone involved."

Sources note collaborative divorce varies from traditional proceedings on a number of levels. For one, the litigation phase can often be avoided entirely. Secondly, meetings including both parties and their respective attorneys frequently take place during which mediation on various issues occurs. Likewise, additional experts, such as mediators, accountants and child custody specialists may be included in the process in an effort to resolve conflicts and reach positive mutual agreements.

Resources on the Manassa Hartman, P.C. website include a wide range of articles and additional information regarding collaborative divorce. Those seeking firsthand opinions of this litigation alternative may also view Lawrence Manassa of Manassa Hartman, P.C. client testimonials, in which current and previous clients recount their experience with the collaborative divorce process as well as the firm itself.

Concluded Manassa, "Collaborative divorce isn't necessarily the best course of action in all situations, but it does offer a less confrontational alternative. A growing number of people are looking for opportunities to bypass the stress and heartache of an already tense situation, and we offer extensive experience in this regard. Our latest selection of resources is designed to help those facing divorce gain a better understanding of the available options. We invite anyone interested to contact us for a free consultation."

Previously mentioned resources, further details About Manassa Hartman, P.C. and contact information can be found on the firm's website.

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