Macomb Township Chiropractor Orders Disc Therapy To Save $22500 For Back Surgery

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression can potentially help patients avoid costly back surgery.

— A Macomb Township chiropractor ordered disc decompression therapy, "save $22500 on spinal surgery and try disc decompression therapy then be the judge!" said Christopher McNeil.

What many back pain sufferers don’t know is that there may be an alternative to expensive and painful back surgery, and that alternative is called Spinal Disc Decompression therapy which can save patients $22500 or even more by avoiding costly and potentially unnecessary back surgery.

Spinal Decompression can be non-surgical and relieves the pressure on one (or more) pinched nerves of the spinal column and has an excellent success rate.

Typically, Decompression is used to treat patients with conditions, which result in sciatica, chronic back pain, bulging discs, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and more.

Non-surgical decompression is not painful, and can be achieved using a high tech mechanical traction device that controls the angle and force of disc distraction, and reduces the body’s propensity to generate muscle spasms.

Decompression is safe and very effective and something every patient should check out before considering back surgery. Spinal Decompression has been shown through numerous studies to have at least a consistent 70% success rate.

Non-surgical decompression is FDA Approved, safe, and reliable. People suffering from chronic back pain, sciatica, bulging discs, or other spinal area pain should consider this back surgery alternative.

There was a patient who saw a TV commercial from a local surgery center that told her the disc surgery would cost $22,500. This was before they even saw any MRI results or spoke with the patients insurance company. Another patient, who had back surgery in 2007, recently came to the office with excruciating back pain and sciatica and missed a week of work. After getting his MRI’s reviewed, and doing a thorough exam, he then discovered that his back surgery had failed after only two years. He decided he did not want to have another surgery, since his previous surgery did not work, and he had to pay a $2500 deductible and was off work for 8 months recovering from surgery, so he opted to try decompression therapy. Save $22500 on spinal surgery and try disc decompression therapy and then be the judge!" says Dr. Christopher McNeil.

For back pain sufferers in the Metro Detroit, Ferndale, or Macomb Township areas, Chiropractor Dr. Chris McNeil and his team can help see if spinal decompression is right for them and in many cases, can help them to get out of pain, and get their lives back.

For a limited time, Dr. McNeil is offering a free, no risk consultation with one of his certified Decompression expert Doctors in their Ferndale and Macomb Township locations. For those who interested can contact them at Metro Detroit Decompression or by calling their Macomb Township office at: 586-566-2273 or their Ferndale office at: 248-291-6873.

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