LRJ Lumber Company Announces Partnership with Thermory Brand Decking & Siding

18 September, 2020

Dallas, TX (September 18, 2020) – Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company, the leading supplier of Redwood, Ipe, Cedar and other fine specialty tropical hardwood lumber, is pleased to announce the partnership made with Thermory, the leader of thermally modified decking and siding.

The decking and siding boards are created, modified, and milled with the supreme outdoor experience in mind. Every board is naturally elegant, professionally modified, and extremely functional – the perfect combination of science and art.

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A pleasantly constructed deck could make a stunning entrance and a warm welcome for visitors and guests to the home. When it comes to entertainment, a well-designed patio could be the perfect place for drinks with friends, Sunday BBQ, or family get-togethers. The new partnership allows Lee Roy Lumber Company to spruce up their customer’s yard with a beautiful deck or siding products.

Thermally modified siding and decking might be the first green lumber resource, which does better, and costs less than the substitute products and alternative wood species made to replace wood. The thermal modification procedure utilizes heat in a controlled setting to enhance the durability of the wood and boost its dimensional stability.

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company will sell and deliver a wide array of Thermory brand nationwide. Their ash decking is extremely durable and stable, boasting with rich and deep color. Benchmark Ash is also a timeless, beautiful, and long-lasting wood deck.

According to a representative from the lumber company, “We are very much excited about this partnership. As a lumber yard, we have many options to add real value to anyone’s property, while offering them quality living pleasure at the same time. Thermory brand products are a great addition to our line.”

The thermally modified siding and decking products no longer have enough nutrients to support fungal and infestation attack. It is also less prone to warping and cupping with changes in relative humidity, not to mention that no toxic chemicals are utilized in the thermal modification process.

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company is proud to be a Thermory dealer and offer thermally modified ash among its robust, eco-friendly wood products. Thermory modified decking and siding products are ideal for people who love the unique exterior and eco-friendly hardwood.

About Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company

Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company is one of the biggest suppliers of Redwood and other fine specialty woods in eight different states. The company is led and managed by successful businessman and former Dallas Cowboy, Lee Roy Jordan. His commitment and dedication to be the best sustains into the twenty-first century.

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