London Clinic Offer Free Initial Consultation to Rosacea Sufferers

Rosacea is a chronic and relapsing condition which causes redness and pimples to appear the sufferers skin.

Pulse Light Clinic are a well established clinic conveniently located in Fenchurch Street, London. The clinic is a very short walk from several tube stations including Bank, Monument and Tower Hill. To treat rosacea Pulse Light Clinic use a mixture of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy and dietary changes, they say their rosacea treatment has both positive visual and emotional effects on their clients.

Rosacea most commonly affects people with fair hair and skin, sufferers are usually from Northwest Europe but it can affect people of other ethnicities too. Both sexes, male and female can suffer from rosacea and it can occur in any age group but it most commonly affects blonde haired women in the 30-40 age bracket. Although women are more likely to suffer with rosacea men tend to get more severe symptoms.

The debilatating condition commonly occurs as a redness on the face – normally this redness appears across the nose, cheeks and the forehead. It can sometimes occur around the neck and chest area. Most people who suffer from rosacea only have a mild form of redness and are never formally diagnosed. Rosacea can often cause sufferers to experience episodes of low self-esteem or frustration, it is not uncommon for people with the condition to become withdrawn and avoid social contact.

Treating rosacea is different for every individual sufferer, mild cases of rosacea are not normally treated under the NHS but the condition usually progresses to become more severe and some studies have found over 50% of rosacea sufferers develop the occular version of this condition, it is advisable for anyone who thinks they may have the rosacea to seek medical advice.

NHS treatment for more severe cases will probably involve the prescription of topical treatments and longterm oral antibiotics, many sufferers are not keen on the solution that traditional medicine offers and prefer a solution like that offered by Pulse Light Clinic.

More can be learnt about the rosacea treatment offered by Pulse Light Clinic in the below video, one of the clinics clients also gives her review:

The clinics current treatment offers can be found here.

The clinic is conveniently located at 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 6BB, just a short walk from the financial district and Docklands light railway. The closest tube stations to Pulse Light clinic are Bank, Tower Hill and Monument. The clinic is on several major bus routes and open 6 days a week, click this link to learn more about the clinics location and transport links.

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