Logan Farm Equipment’s Yield Pro Helps Farmers Dig Deeper

Logan Farm Equipment, a premier potato equipment company and Agritech Corporation, a division of Logan, received surprising customer feedback for its Yield Pro Water Dammer.

— A customer in Manitoba, Canada contacted Logan Farm Equipment with positive feedback about the Logan Yield Pro Water Dammer and its incredible performance under some tough conditions. Logan Farm Equipment, a premier potato equipment manufacturer, regularly receives reports from customers on equipment performance, but was amazed to hear how deep this particular piece of equipment was able to dig down.

The Logan Yield Pro Water Dammer is a versatile tool that creates deep hills to increase water efficiency and maintain optimum moisture for crops. It features a heavy-duty frame, fully independent paddle wheels and 12-inch shovels.

The customer reported that they were using 16-inch sweeps with a calf tongue on top. The calf tongue point allowed the soil to flow around the shank, protecting it in the sandy, abrasive soil. The 16-inch width also allowed soil to flow upward, creating a full sized hill that was then squared off on top with the drag pipe. The adjustable hilling wings on the Yield Pro also helped with this process.

Using the unit to go as deep as possible, the customer reported to Logan Farm Equipment that the shanks were going so deep that the drag pipe was being hit by the rear paddle wheels. The customer suggested to Logan Farm Equipment that in the future, they lengthen out the paddle wheel arms in order to accommodate the extreme depth condition.

At the time the customer contacted Logan Farm Equipment, they had already hilled approximately 3,000 acres and were so pleased that they are considering ordering another Logan Yield Pro Water Dammer for next season.

Logan Farm Equipment is dedicated to always exceeding customer expectations when it comes to potato equipment manufacturing and performance. Their agricultural equipment is designed by farmers for farmers and features simplified engineering that makes repairs easy, reducing costly down time.

About Logan Farm Equipment: Logan Farm Equipment is potato farm equipment made by farmers for farmers. Logan’s simplified engineering reduces costly down time by making repairs easy. Logan Farm Equipment stands behind their products and provides the best service and warranties in the industry. For more information visit LoganFarmEquipment.com.

About Agritech Corporation:
Agritech Corporation specializes in buying, selling and trading used agricultural, farm and potato equipment. Their customers range from all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico and reach as far as Chile, Australia, New Zealand and Russia. With 25 years of experience, a vast online used potato equipment inventory, and a skilled team of equipment experts, Agritech prides itself on being able to provide used or refurbished equipment for any customer. For more information visit AgritechCorp.com.

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