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Living Water Aeration Featured in Pond Trade Magazine for Fire Fountains

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The majestic and magical fire fountain from Living Water Aeration once again came in the media spotlight as it was featured in an issue of Pond Trade Magazine.

“How does that thing work?!” is often the question people blurt out whenever they see for the first time the marvel of fire fountains manufactured by Living Water Aeration. The suppliers aren't surprised by the amazed reactions – real fire burning brightly even while being submersed in water can generate wonder, curiosity and awe without fail, even in the most jaded personalities.

To report on the fire and water features and to offer an explanation for its patented technology, the Pond Trade Magazine, a leading pond and water garden business publication, posted an article discussing the product. “These fountains are unique, one-of-a-kind products that are sure to bring your backyard to life. Fire Fountain is a brand new ‘patent pending' technology that allows both the elements of fire and water to coexist in a beautiful and entrancing display. With the introduction of this innovative product, regular water fountains just seem boring and passé,” writer Daniel Crackower said.

The writer predicted the fire founains are going to be the “latest craze in outdoor living,” saying the combination of soothing, flowing water and the magical effect of fire on it can add a new level of attraction to the open spaces of the residential property. “Thanks to the latest technology, you can now have Las Vegas-style, fire on water elemental effects in your backyard,” he said.

The focus on the importance of fire fountains in enhancing outdoor living spaces reflects a home living trend where more and more homeowners are now making bigger investments when it comes to making their backyards, patios, decks, gardens and poolsides more beautiful and functional. A recent study by the American Society of Landscape Architects showed 94% of respondents have identified their outdoor kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas as their priorities for their new homes and remodels this year.

The International Casual Furniture and Accessories Market confirms the trend, as retailers and suppliers have geared to introduce more outdoor furniture and accessories at the start of the year to address the rising demand of consumers who are planning to embark on full redesigns of their outdoor spaces. The primary products are still the basics, such as kitchen units and outdoor furniture, but attention-grabbing elements that bring entertaining spaces up a notch, such as fountains, are considered the piece de resistance.

Finally, to answer the question: "How does fire stay alive under water?" The answer lies in the Living Water Aeration innovation that “allows the gas to come out but does not allow air or water to go back into the line,” as explained by their representative. This is made possible through the Auto Fire Ignition System that connects to the gas tube arrangement of the fire fountain. The system lights up the gas coming from the nozzles, and the effect is that the water will look like it is spewing flames.

Other manufacturers have also introduced earlier models of fire fountains, but most of these are unsuccessful in igniting the “magic” of fire on water because the design obviously shows the gas lines and other sources of fire. Living Water Aeration fountains make use of their innovative Vulcan Fire Module, the smallest electronic ignition system in the market today, making it the perfect component to cleverly conceal the source of fire. Thus, the technology can be incorporated even in smaller units such as rock crevices and fire bowls, allowing even people with space limitations to have their very own fire fountains installed in their property.

For more information on the durability, affordability and flexibility of fire fountain systems, readers are invited to visit today.

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