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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / LiveViewGPS Highlights Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Wildlife Conservation

LiveViewGPS Highlights Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Wildlife Conservation

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The GPS company has released several articles showcasing the use GPS tracking devices to study wildlife habits and migrations at

— GPS tracking devices are well known as safety measures for cars and other valuable items, but they have a broader range of applications than many consumers realize, according to In efforts to educate consumers about the wide-ranging benefits of GPS Tracking, LiveViewGPS has released several articles highlighting the use of GPS tracking in wildlife conservation.

Said company spokesperson George Karonis, "The benefits of GPS tracking for personal security are becoming pretty widely known these days. More and more people are purchasing tracking devices for their vehicles, their valuables, and even for at-risk loved ones. We find it pretty fascinating that these devices can also promote scientific research on wildlife populations, and we want to share that information with our blog readers and customers."

The most recently published article reports on the use of GPS tracking to uncover the habits and movements of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan. Known as "mountain ghosts" for their near-perfect camouflage, the animals are virtually impossible to track by sight alone. However, scientists have managed to affix GPS tracking collars to 35 leopards, and they are gathering a great deal of data on the animals' movements and hunting patterns. The data will help conservationists to better protect the habitat of these animals, which have become an endangered species.

Other recent articles include reports on the use of GPS tracking to study the migratory patterns of cuckoos and the health of moose populations in Vermont. "This kind of research is vital to protecting wildlife, and GPS tracking represents a huge leap forward in the quality of research scientists are able to do," Karonis commented. "Researchers can now have access to a huge amount of continuous, real-time data through live-tracking devices. The only challenge now, it seems, is figuring out how best to manage all that data."

LiveViewGPS offers GPS tracking systems that are geared toward personal and commercial uses. In addition to the device itself, which is designed to start working right out of the box, customers also get a web-management interface that includes high-resolution image mapping, real-time position updates, alert notifications, historical playback, and a variety of other features. The trackers not only pin-point the exact location of the target, they also indicate the speed and direction of travel.

Concluded Karonis, "Our customers get valuable information from the data their GPS tracker provides. Whether they are managing a business's fleet of vehicles or checking in on a teen driver, they can feel secure in knowing any vehicle's whereabouts and in being able to respond immediately to any emergency."

About LiveViewGPS, Inc.

LiveViewGPS specializes in real-time GPS tracking systems, including GPS tracking and GPS monitoring and management for vehicles, assets, equipment, property, and persons. Whether a client's needs are personal or business-related, LiveViewGPS has a cost-effective GPS tracking solution. Users can locate vehicles, people, and property in real time and on demand from any web-based computer. These locations can be viewed on LiveViewGPS's systems-integrated maps. Their GPS devices are tested and proven to work. They are the real deal.

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Name: George Karonis
Organization: LiveViewGPS Inc
Phone: 661-294-6805

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Source: MarketersMedia

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