LightForm Spectral Instruments Algae Detection Imaging Spectrograph Launched

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Asheville, NC imaging instruments developer LightForm has launched the PARISS® imaging spectrograph and spectrometer. This compact & lightweight imaging spectrometer is available for lab or field applications to detect toxic cyanobacteria and blue-green algal blooms.

Asheville, NC imaging instruments developer LightForm announced the launch of the Prism And Mirror Imaging Spectroscopy System PARISS® imaging spectrograph and spectrometer. The product detects the presence of toxic blue-green algal blooms in North Carolina water bodies and is available for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Imaging spectrometers find application in research and diagnostic studies. The PARISS® imaging spectrometer is a compact modular device designed to detect highly toxic algal blooms and cyanobacteria found in North Carolina ponds and lakes.

CNN, Associated Press, and the New York Post reported the tragic poisoning and death of three dogs after swimming in an algae-infested Wilmington, NC pond. The LightForm PARISS® modular prism-based imaging spectrometer is designed to detect cyanobacteria that produce cyanotoxins. These toxins are deadly to humans and several animal species.

The compact imaging spectrometer for biological applications is bundled with proprietary software to perform basic spectral analyses, spectral classification & recognition, create spectral libraries, and represent data. The field research spectrometer is capable of micro-to-macro spectroscopy and material & object recognition in air or water samples.

The PARISS® imaging spectrometer is available as a configurable kit and is compatible with readily available illumination products & scientific cameras. The kit offers high spectral resolution from 1 nanometer for large and small objects. The device weighs 1.25 kg and has a spectral range of 365 to ~920 nm.

According to a spokesperson for LightForm, “The PARISS® imaging spectrograph and spectrometer can be used to provide early warning of water safety hazards to detect toxic algae & cyanobacterial blooms. The effective use of this device can save lives.”

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Asheville, NC LightForm is a manufacturer of precision imaging spectroscopy devices. The company is headed by founder Jeremy Lerner M.R.S.C. and has received three National Institute of Health, SBIR grants for the PARISS® Analytical Hyperspectral Imaging system.

For more information about imaging spectroscopy to detect algal blooms, call 908-281-9098 and visit the URL above.

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