Libertarian T-Shirt Shop, Libertees, Launches “Support Our Troops” Shirt

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Libertees launches anti-war "Support Our Troops - End the Wars" t-shirt. For this t-shirt and other great Libertarian t-shirts visit Liibertees today to get yours.

Libertees, the newest online shop for Libertarian shirts and gear, announces the launch of the “Support Our Troops – End the Wars” t-shirt.

Co-owner Adam Hansen explains the shirt by stating, “Endless wars fueled by aggression, greed and the desire to regime change are one of the biggest issues the United States faces. As Libertarians we don’t support these pointless wars that are bankrupting our nation, killing hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and sacrificing the lives and health of our soldiers.”

He explained that the shirt’s genesis came not from a Libertarian source but actually it was Tulsi Gabbard, a presidential candidate for the Democratic party. “While Tulsi Gabbard’s economic and other policies leave a lot to be desired, we were inspired by her service as a soldier and strength to stand up to the military industrial complex and the corporate media that support them and say enough is enough. Her call to end these pointless regime change wars that include the longest war in American history is a brave one and we wanted to support her and all of the other troops by helping to spread the message.”

While inspired by Tulsi’s outspoken anti-war stance the “Support Our Troops – End the Wars” t-shirt also comes from years of observations by the owners of Libertees. They explained, “This shirt calls out the hypocrisy of those that will talk about honor, bravery and service but then line their pockets with money made from these wars that only hurt our national security. This is our way of telling politicians who drape themselves in the flag and talk about supporting our soldiers but then send them off to die or suffer horrible physical and mental trauma merely to please their corporate masters where they can go!”

The “Support Our Troops” shirt is available in three colors (Midnight Navy, Black and Heather Grey) as well size Small through 3XL.

To get yours, follow the link below.

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Name: Adam Hansen
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Organization: Libertees
Address: 865 8th St., Waukee, Iowa 50263, United States

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