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Leesburg VA Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company on an Age-Old Problem for the Aging

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Keeping the Elderly Safe from Bed Bugs: Environmental Heat Solutions, a bed bug heat treatment company located in Leesburg VA and serving Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., reports on the struggles of the elderly in dealing with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a common pest problem for many homeowners, particularly in winter. However, recent events are shedding light that the elderly may be even more vulnerable to these pests than their younger counterparts for several reasons. Fortunately, companies such as Environmental Heat Solutions are working to raise awareness of this problem and help keep the elderly safe. Environmental Heat Solutions uses an environmentally responsible bed bug extermination system involving thermal remediation, canine bed bug detection services, and other alternatives to traditional toxic pesticides.

Since 2010, the awareness of senior citizens’ encounters with bed bugs and other bedroom pests has steadily increased. Bed bugs are particularly common in low-income housing, apartment buildings and condos run by state housing authority agencies, and nursing facilities, where many elderly people live. A great number of elderly people don’t have other housing options because they live on fixed incomes, and traditional extermination services may be too expensive for them. In addition, traditional pesticides may aggravate an elderly person’s health problems, especially respiratory or circulatory diseases.

In 2010, research entomologist Jeffrey White told the AARP that in some facilities, bed bugs are so bad that “we’ve literally had bed bugs walking on clothes while we sit and talk to residents.” Five years later, this problem’s seriousness hasn’t waned much. “Diminishing eyesight and physical challenges” keep the elderly from seeing the tiny, flat, brown bed bugs, particularly in the dark. Some elderly persons may also be in the 30% of the population that cannot feel bed bug bites; they may mistake a bite for a symptom of winter dryness, eczema, or another skin condition. In addition, some medications cause allergic reactions to bed bug bites, worsening what was originally an annoying rash.

Officials warn the elderly to report a bed bug infestation as soon as possible, even if they have only seen one bug. Elderly persons and their caregivers should ensure linens are washed and changed regularly and that they inspect for bed bugs on a regular basis. “Bed bugs are not a ‘filth’ or ‘messiness’ issue,” says an Environmental Heat Solutions representative. “Your house could be as pristine as possible, and you could still have bed bugs. So you have to check for bed bugs. And if you have difficulty seeing, ask someone to inspect for you on a regular basis. Letting the problem go unattended is the worst thing you could do. It won’t go away on its own.”

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Located in Purcellville, Virginia, Environmental Heat Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: To help those suffering from bed bug infestations. They are Washington, D.C. Metro Area’s bed bug specialists, offering bed bug heat treatment and canine detection services throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. With many years of experience handling bed bug infestations, Environmental Heat Solutions has found heat treatment to be the best approach for eliminating widespread infestations quickly and with minimal environmental impact. Environmental Heat Solutions offers a free, no-strings attached consultation with the desire to inform anybody who suspects a bed bug infestation and provide them access to definitive answers regarding the costs involved with finding and eliminating such infestations. For more information, please visit:

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