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Leelalicious Vows to Keep Commercial Popcorn Machine Review Updated

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Leelalicious CEO, Regina Braun, vows to her readers to keep information on her popular commercial popcorn popper review post up to date.

— - a popular health food blog - relaunched it’s popular commercial popcorn machine review post today while the blog’s founder, Regina Braun, vowed to keep the post current from this point forward by updating it on a regular basis.

The post gained popularity in early 2018 as offline business owners started looking to it for advice on what commercial popcorn popping machinery to get. It quickly became a bit dated however as new popcorn machines hit the market.

“The popcorn niche is huge and extremely competitive. Especially if you’re selling popcorn poppers. There are literally hundreds of different poppers that all ultimately do one thing: they pop corn.” said Braun.

Braun says she has monitored the popcorn popper niche since early 2016 and has seen the industry evolve drastically in just a few short years. “It’s quite fascinating to watch a small niche industry like popcorn evolve and grow so rapidly” said Braun.

Braun insists the personal home use popcorn popper niche is by far the most competitive today, but that the commercial popper space is not far behind. According to her, there are at least a dozen different big brands competing to sell commercial popcorn equipment to movie theatres alone.

“It is quite something” continued Braun. “When you think of large popcorn stands, you always think of movie theatres, but they are just one of many commercial establishments buying them. Most fairs now have fancy popcorn popper stands, as do most Home Depots across North America.”

When asked why she thinks popcorn has become such a norm in western society, Braun insists it’s because it’s so cheap to make and yet is always popular. “Very few people will say no to freshly popped popcorn. Especially if the aroma of freshly popped corn is still in the air.” says Braun.

“Businesses today go to great lengths to improve the customer’s experience and studies show how snacking almost instantaneously puts people in a better mood - which often leads them to spend more time in the store - which almost always leads to them spending more money as well.”

Braun concluded by saying “It costs the business pennies, but ends up making them dollars in return. It’s genius when you think about it. And my job - with my review post - is to make sure that business owners who are looking to get a commercial popcorn machine, are educated on which one fits their needs best!”

To learn more about Braun’s top recommended commercial popcorn poppers, check out her review here:

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