Learn Dutch Fun Skype Lessons With Expert Language Teacher Easy Program Launched

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A new Dutch language learning program has been launched at the LearnDutch.Today site. Classes take place on Skype, and utilize a friendly and conversational approach to language development.

Learndutch.today launched Michael Smissaert’s new conversational, natural approach to learning Dutch. He talks informally with the student about what matters to them, while at the same time typing everything that he and the student says, making it much easier to understand.

More information is available at https://learndutch.today

The newly launched service follows the theory of linguists that students need lots of understandable input, in a relaxing and engaging atmosphere. Michael talks about the interests of the student, which again helps to make it more understandable by his students.

In this way, a more engaging foundation can be built that allows them to progress through the language as they become more comfortable. While the conversation is taking place, students learn sentences that they also may use in their daily life, in contrast with many textbooks that do not teach natural conversation.

Students always make mistakes but Michael will then automatically change the input from the student in correct Dutch. This provides the student with a multi-faceted learning approach that makes it easier to understand the topic and language. If there is a word, rule or sentence that the student doesn’t understand, Michael will take the time to explain.

Michael types about 2,000 words in one lesson, which is more than students usually learn with other teaching methods. After the lesson, the student gets a Word file with a complete transcript of the conversation and the audio recording of this script in mp3 format. This allows them to go back through discussion points and practice active recall on specific elements.

The course is designed to simplify the Dutch learning process and at the same time make the process more fun.

Michael states: “My preferred method is to simply speak with the student about whatever comes to their or my mind. Usually it starts with getting to know each other: I will ask them where they come from, what they do, their goals in life, what they like and dislike, and we take it from there. My advantage is: I have traveled a lot in my life, studied many subjects, and am interested in even more subjects, so I am not easily without a thing to say.”

Full details can be found at https://learndutch.today

Contact Info:
Name: D. Michiel Smissaert
Email: Send Email
Organization: Confianta Media
Address: Detelina 49A, Byala, Varna 9101, Bulgaria
Phone: +359-89-972-8590
Website: http://learndutch.today

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