Lauren Jawno’s High Performance Coaching Program Helps People Excel In Every Area Of Life

New high performance coaching program teaches people how to live the life they truly want.

— Within a person’s uniqueness lies their greatest strength. By embracing what makes them different they can make a difference and not only live the life they want but leave a kind unmistakable mark on the world.

As one of less than 170 Certified High Performance Coaches world-wide Lauren Jawno has the solution to consistently living not just the life someone wants, but living a high performance life.

“To me it’s about helping people to live the life they want, as their unique self, with consistently higher levels of clarity, courage, energy, purpose, influence, success and joy and in so doing, intentionally making their impact in this world that will last for generations to follow" says Lauren Jawno

It is Jawno’s mission to ensure as many people as possible understand their significance in the world and live a life of inner truth, purpose and contribution.

In her elite 12-Week High Performance Success Coaching Program she combines her over 15 years of experience and expertise to take clients through a proven process to ultimately transform their lives and improve their psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, presence and purpose in this world.

What makes Jawno’s program so elite and sought after is the fact that she can approach life from all levels which leads to lasting change. In addition to having degrees and diplomas in education, nutrition, fitness, psychology and spirituality, she is also a published author. She has the professional and personal experience that enables her to relate intimately and intuitively to both her client’s ambitions and struggles. And she quickly gets to the crux of issues - helping clients gain huge insights and change in a short amount of time.

So many people have huge dreams and goals and are settling for less. So many are trying desperately to fit in to achieve happiness and the life they want when they need to stand out. So many are stuck and frustrated with their inability to move forward in their life despite enormous success. Every day seems to be a struggle and a battle. But according to Jawno it does not have to be this way.

She has overcome her own losses, challenges and struggles, including an eating disorder that spanned nearly two decades; she has worked with thousands of clients and studied under the best in the world and she has a solution that fast tracks people through all the pain and struggle and gets them to living the life they want at a high level of performance in every area of their lives.

In her 12-week intensive program she teaches people the same “inner power” tools which have transformed the lives of thousands of people world-wide (from Olympic athletes to the most successful business icons and celebrities) as well as all her many clients who she’s coached to achieve their highest levels of self - and thereby their highest levels of joy, success and fulfillment!

Lauren says, “ I focus on teaching the 6 proven pillars of high performance – which will not only change lives in the long term – but short term. Immediately it will completely change how someone feels, manages their day and influence others. Everyone will gain greater clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.”

The most accomplished and influential people in the world have successfully used these 6 high performance pillars. They’ve used these same principles to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive.

“The reality: If someone is NOT following these 6 high performance pillars Lauren teaches in her High Performance Success Program, then it is almost impossible to get ahead!”

Through this program Lauren teaches people to finally achieve the outer success they desire – by getting off the roller-coaster they have been on and by first going inward so that they can ultimately find the lasting happiness, success and peace they're seeking.

Lauren says that the ultimate goal is ensuring that her clients consistently excel and succeed above their current levels of performance in all areas of their lives, as their unique self, over the long term and thereby impact not only their own life but the lives of everyone around them.

For more information go to or sign up for her free 3 video training series on living a high performance life at: High Performance Coaching Program.

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