Laser Tattoo Removal in San Antonio Announces Tips For Protecting Skin From Sun

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Tattoo Removal After Care starts with a good SPF and staying in the shade, according to Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal in Austin. Side effects of tattoo removal can be using sunscreen.

San Antonio, Texas- Top rated laser tattoo removal clinic in San Antonio, TX wants to clear up the do’s and don’ts of sun exposure while going through laser tattoo removal treatments during the sunny summer months in San Antonio.

The experts at the popular laser tattoo removal clinic are looking to spread the word on safe sun exposure because some folks might not be aware of the risk involved with treating tattoos which have been recently exposed to the sun. The clinic wants to first educate its current and prospective clients on how tattoo removal works, first and foremost, which will help folks understand a little more about the importance of limiting time in the sun while the laser tattoo removal process is taking place.

According to Anthony Carrasco, Fresh Start’s go-to expert laser technician, sun safety should start before the treatment even takes place.

“When a laser tattoo removal treatment is performed, what’s happening is the laser is picking up on the ink pigment in the tattoo. The laser wavelengths determine the depth of the laser beam and it varies depending on what colors its trying to pick up on. The laser beam is primarily attracted to ink, however if there is pigment on the skin due to sun exposure (like a suntan), the laser doesn’t care, it will go after that melanin in the skin, which can lead to damage like hypopigmentation.” Anthony says his laser is safe to use on any and all skin tones, however, the safety all lies in the proper setting for the clients natural skin tone.

“If there is excess pigment in the skin from a recent sun exposure it can have an effect on the safety and efficacy of the treatment. We want to get the settings just right so the ink particles are targeted and broken down, and the skin’s natural pigment or melanin stays unaffected. In order to do this we ask that our clients come in without recent sun exposure or suntanned skin. That means if someone is looking to start a laser tattoo removal journey, they should start covering the tattoo’d area with clothing or bandages, and wearing a zinc based sunscreen.”

After a successful laser tattoo removal treatment, Anthony says it is also very important for folks to keep that area out of the sun during the course of the treatments, but especially during the first 2 weeks after a laser tattoo removal session.

“During a laser tattoo removal session a lot of heat is put into the skin. The last thing we want is for someone to go out and expose themselves to the harsh heat of a San Antonio summer day.”

According to Fresh Start, sun exposure following a tattoo removal treatment can lead to blistering and other adverse reactions, which could potentially lead to scarring. The team says applying a zinc based sunscreen every 2 hours and staying in the shade is protocol following the procedure.

For more information on the do’s and don’ts before and after a tattoo removal treatment, folks are encouraged to visit the Fresh Start website, listed above.

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