Landscaping Can Increase a Home’s Curb Appeal and Overall Value

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Sprucing up the landscaping around the house will increase curb appeal, but a larger a mower may require some extra hauling power like a utility or flatbed trailer.

While most of a renovation budget is usually slated for the inside of a house, some care and attention should be paid to the outside, including the general landscaping.

Curb appeal is huge when it comes to selling a house, and studies have shown that well-maintained landscaping can increase the value of a home by 10%.

There are a few ways someone can improve their home’s landscaping, and this can be as basic as planting some bright coloured flowers. Putting down fresh mulch in any beds with it will make it look cleaner, as well as touching up any chipped or cracked pots.

Cutting back and shaping trees and shrubbery rather than letting them grow wild will make the yard look tidier. Also, cleaning up perennial beds by removing any plants that aren’t thriving, and thoroughly weeding will breathe new life and encourage more plants to grow.

But perhaps the most important part of the landscape is the part that is used the most: the lawn. There are few joys in life better than walking barefoot across thick, lush grass, but it takes some work to get to that point.

Mowing the lawn regularly will help it look neat and tidy, and watering it evenly will keep it nice and green. Fertilizer can help it grow better.

For a lot of people, cutting grass is an arduous task and a time consuming one, depending on the size of the lawn. If the lawn is exceptionally large, a conventional push mower may not cut it, so to speak. Investing in a riding mower might be the best option if it will encourage lawn mowing.

Having a way to transport a riding mower is important, so a landscaping trailer is a necessity. A specialized trailer company like BC Cargo Trailers in Armstrong will get the right trailer for the equipment.

Other things to consider when sprucing up the landscaping include fixing any irrigation issues and any leaking outdoor faucets to keep excess water from damaging the house itself, and power washing any dirty surfaces. A little can go a long way when improving a home’s curb appeal.

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