Lafayette CA Aquatic Weed Harvesting Surface Water Management Website Launched

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Lafayette, CA surface water aquatic weed harvesting company AquaticWeed Harvesting has launched a new website. The website showcases the firm's multi-city mechanical aquatic weed removal services. The company offers these services to private individuals, companies, and governments in the city and across Contra Costa County.

Lafayette, CA surface water aquatic weed harvesting company AquaticWeed Harvesting announced the launch of its new website. The website showcases the company’s waterweed removal and processing services in California and in other states.

More information about AquaticWeed Harvesting is available at

California’s rivers, lakes, and natural or human-made reservoirs are home to several native and foreign species of invasive aquatic weeds including water hyacinth, Brazilian waterweed, Uruguay Water Primrose and the South American spongeplant. Other endemic species that infest the state’s waterways are the Alligatorweed, Coontail, Hydrilla, California Fanwort, Eurasian Watermilfoil, and Leafy Pondweed.

The uncontrolled proliferation of these weeds results in changes in water quality, reduced water storage, impeding water flow, reduced fish populations, the proliferation of disease-causing vectors such as mosquitoes, and interference with watercraft navigation.

Under the regulations established for the removal of these weeds, mechanical harvesting is widely regarded as superior to herbicidal or manual removal methods. The firm’s new website provides users with a comprehensive overview of this method.

Aquaticweed Harvesting can provide individuals, agencies, and local governments with mechanical aquatic weed harvesting services using standard or custom harvesters. The California aquatic vegetation removal specialists recommend the use of standard or custom-built mechanical weed harvesters to remove persistent weed infestations from narrow or broad waterways.

The Contra Costa County surface water management company’s website also showcases the firm’s multi-city professional lake and pond management services and video content.

According to a spokesperson for the Lafayette aquatic weed control company, “Our new website provides clients and potential customers with a snapshot of our aquatic plant and weed harvesting technology and capabilities. We provide eco-friendly solutions for the management of water weeds in the Lafayette Reservoir and other watershed regions across California.”

AquaticWeed Harvesting is a full-service surface water management company serving the city of Lafayette and Contra Costa County. More information is available at the URL above.

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Name: John Alexander
Organization: AquaticWeed Harvesting
Address: 3527 Mt Diablo Blvd #306-AWH, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States

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