Kunitachi English Conversation School Tokyo English Fluency Courses Launched

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Kunitachi English conversation school Bob's English Academy has announced the availability of its spoken English courses to help people improve everyday English communication skills. The school released two case studies of successful professionals who use group and private classes to learn spoken English.

Kunitachi English conversation school Bob’s English Academy (BEA) announced the launch of personalized English fluency courses in and around Tokyo. The courses focus on improving a student’s general communication skills and functional spoken English.

More information about Bob’s English Academy is available at http://www.bea.co.jp/Eng_index.html

The Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo English school showcased two cases of employed professionals who have benefited from improving their spoken English skills.

Bob’s English Academy highlighted the case of Dr. Fujiki, who commences work as an Assistant Professor at Meisei University in October 2019. As a Postdoctoral fellow of Law from Hitotsubashi National University he possessed good reading, writing, and grammar skills. However, Dr. Fujiki never learned conversational English in school and struggled with basic communication.

As a graduate doctoral student, Dr. Fujiki attended BEA group classes in 2015 to improve his command of spoken English. The English academy in Kunitachi reports that at the commencement of his English conversation studies, Dr. Fujiki could only answer “Yes” or “No” and used gestures to communicate.

Today he can debate fluently in English and successfully secured a position in International Civil Law at Meisei University. BEA also reports that Dr. Fujiki will continue to attend monthly training sessions despite moving away from Kunitachi.

Bob’s English Academy also presented the case of Ms. Nakazawa, a student at Hitotsubashi University who joined BEA’s biweekly private classes on the strength of the school’s reputation. She is a schoolteacher who will attend an English debate class in October. BEA offers short-term intervention courses to help students like Ms. Nakazawa gain fluency in English for specific applications.

The English communication school in Kunitachi offers group, private, and semi-private courses for adults and children. BEA instructors offer on-site conversational English lessons to corporations, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

According to a spokesperson for the Tokyo Metropolis conversational English school, “English is an international language and gaining knowledge of its use in everyday conversation is of immense benefit to our students. As these two cases demonstrate, our courses – taught by native English speakers – help people further their education so that they can be successful in other areas of their lives.”

Bob’s English Academy (BEA) is the oldest English school in Kunitachi with operations for more than 40 years. The school offers more than 20 courses to improve practical English skills and has successfully graduated more than 10,000 students. The school is a registered Eiken partner and is the recipient of the Eiken Association Encouragement Award.

For more information about conversational English courses, call 042-572-3719 and visit the URL above.

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