Business offers Personalized Beer Koozies that make Perfect Wedding Favors

Koozies from helps keep beer cold and comfortable to hold with a non-slip surface that can be printed on with a custom logo, message or image to create a great personal gift.

— Beers and soft drinks are an amazing way in which to cool off and relax during the summer, but all too often these drinks go lukewarm in the blazing sunshine before they can be fully enjoyed. A cooler is great to keep them cold until opened, but many people are caught between not wanting to drink fast and the drink quickly warming up in their hand. That’s where Koozies come in, an insulating layer that makes cans, bottles and cups easier to hold and keeps the drink colder for longer. is offering a customizable Koozie service, offering customers the choice to print any slogan, logo or image on the side of the Koozie to make it a personal statement or to buy in bulk to commemorate parties or events. Users can choose what color Koozie they want and what color ink they want their image printed in to stand out.

The custom Koozie ( has great potential as both a business and personal product, and have a dedicated customer service team who fulfill each individual order, and have received glowing testimonials now featured on the colorful Koozies website together with detailed product information.

A spokesperson for explained, “We have created the ultimate personalized Koozies service because it allows people to let their imagination run wild and put their signature stamp on an affordable product, making it a great party favor or commemorative item as well as an excellent way to build brand identity with clients and partners through an item that’s whole function is ‘cool’, in a relaxed and fun environment. The personalized custom Koozie can be adapted from any existing design, whether for cans or bottles, neoprene or foam. The idea is only limited by imagination, and we have some great examples on our website to serve as inspiration.”

About Kooziez:
Koozies are a product designed to keep beer colder for longer and also make sure it’s comfortable to hold for prolonged periods. carries all types of Custom Koozies - Bottle Koozies, Foam Koozies, Zipper Neoprene Koozies, Collapsible Koozies and Water Bottle Koozies. They believe Customer Service comes above all else.

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