Knightdale NC Chamber of Commerce Working With Epi Digital Shift For Reviews

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Knightdale Chamber of Commerce accepted FREE FOR LIFE an automated system that will help them get a consistent flow of 4 and 5 Star Online Reviews. Call for info TODAY!

Membership in the Knightdale Chamber puts you in touch with the perfect business partner. Through numerous programs and services as well as access to information available only to members, the Chamber is right by your side to help your business grow and prosper. Of course, there is more to Chamber membership than growing your business and increasing your profits. As a member, you are investing in the community where you live and do business. The Chamber works to protect our quality of life and ensure that our economy continues to thrive. If the community remains prosperous, then each business will benefit.

Joining the Chamber today is a standout amongst other investments your business can make, both for expanding your profitability and for enhancing the Knightdale Community. Your participation is a venture offering an arrival new leads for your business, a better economy and true personal satisfaction.

Enrollment is available to all zone organizations and people who have an honest to goodness enthusiasm for the improvement of Knightdale and keep up their yearly duty interest in the Chamber. Enrollment is an interest in the present and eventual fate of our locale’s welfare. Participation levy is not an altruistic commitment but rather might be imposed deductible as a customary and fundamental cost of doing business.

One day they were drawn closer by Marcus Kohl with helping them with their Online Reviews. He had an extremely interesting thought!

What Marcus Kohl offered was the FREE FOR LIFE a Review Platform he utilizes with Epi Digital Shift.

Marcus said,

“I approached the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce with a gift of our review platform which will allow them to have a system to receive positive Google Reviews from the chamber members. At first they were a little bit skeptical of what we were giving them but when I explained a little bit more about what our company does and with the help of our co-founder Scott Powell, we now have a great relationship with the Chamber, and after about 2 months of working with the chamber and helping them get more reviews on Google. They started off with just 8 outdated reviews and now they have 40 fresh reviews from their members.”

Online Reviews are trusted by 85% as much as a personal recommendations.

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You will also find us at:

426 N. First Ave. Knightdale NC 27545

Epi Digital Shift

2640 Farlow Gap Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603


Contact Info:
Name: Scott Powell
Organization: Epi Digital Shift
Address: 2640 Farlow Gap Ln, Raleigh, NC 27603, Raleigh, NC 27603, United States
Phone: +1-855-700-4227

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