Kids Birthday Parties Help Children with Autism, Psychologists Claim

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Studies in child development have found correlations between having kids birthday parties to stable social, mental and physical development in children with ASD.

Studies in child development have found correlations between having kids birthday parties to stable social, mental and physical development in children. Contrary to common belief though, such activities was also found beneficial to kids with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders.

Birthday parties become treasured memories for children when they become adults. Over the years, countless studies have correlated a healthy and happy upbringing with adult stability. Birthday celebrations have been listed as some of the happy memories adults fondly bring up when asked about their childhood.

While the long-standing debate of whether a birthday party is necessary for children or not is still unresolved with a conclusion, parents oftentimes still opt to give their kids one. It seems rather obvious, according to several parents, to celebrate birthdays (for children and adult alike).

What’s surprising however is findings that special needs children also benefit more so than other children in birthday parties– both attending it and having their own. The study is particularly interesting because children with ASD do not normally enjoy socializing or get stressed out with over-stimulation.

According to licensed psychologist, assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Stephanie N. Marcy, PhD “There is growing awareness in the community about the value and importance of including children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders, in ‘typical’ events. “

She continued on by saying that parents of special needs children have expressed interest in attending and throwing birthday parties and other usual events for their kids but they felt intimidated and did not know how to start. The same is true too with parents of other kids who would like to invite special needs kids. Most of them, according to Marcy are clueless as to what they should do and afraid they might do something wrong and agitate their guests.

Despite these inhibitions though, the psychologist maintains that taking them to such ocassions is much more beneficial than it can be damaging. She ascertains certain guidelines but overall continues saying that it can be done.

It’s not only children with ASD though. A research was conducted by Pennsylvania State University and Duke University by tracking more than 700 children. According to this, children who can cooperate, understand, and talk to the people around them, came out to have a higher chance of graduating from college and having a full-time job by age 25.

As said by Kristin Shubert, who is the program director of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that funded the research, “this study shows that helping children develop social and emotional skills is one of the most important things we can do to prepare them for a healthy future”.

According to the research of Michelle Harris and her team, from the University of California, children who receive more warmth from their parents and other people, develop higher self-esteem. Children can feel this warmth whenever they have the attention, the parents pay interests in their activities, and simply whenever they share the joy with others.

Developing a child’s self-esteem at a young age can lead to several benefits, according to National Mental Health Information Center. Children who have developed a good self-esteem can deal more with peer-pressure, be more responsible, able to deal with strong emotions and cope with challenges and frustrations in life better. Now, this is universally important for all children.

Throwing a kid’s birthday party comes with its benefits, especially for the child. We surely are aware that events like these make children happy, but we are usually not fully aware that the child gains more than just happiness. It helps contribute to the child’s healthy development which is what all parents would.

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