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KickFire Classics Releases New Video on How to Hacky Sack for Beginners

Utah based company, KickFire Classics, releases a new video to teach how to hacky sack for beginners

— In their new instructional video on how to hacky sack for beginners, Kickfire Classics teaches viewers the basics of hacky sacking, and features Scott from Kickfire Classics, the classic toy manufacturer based in Farmington, Utah. In the video, Scott demonstrates the basics of how to hacky sack in less than 5 minutes, and breaks down the foundations of the hacky sacking into into easy to learn moves.

Scott shows viewers how to easily break down the form of hacky sacking, demonstrating moves such as, the inside cutter, the outside cutter, the helicopter, the rainbow, and the jester. He clearly demonstrates each of these hacky sack moves, and the video even has a slow-motion replay for each move to ensure viewers can watch his technique closely. Scott includes great tips for where users should kick the hacky sack and what kind of shoes to wear.

Scott specifically says, “When you are trying to do your hacky sack moves you want to hit it on the biggest square footage of your shoe. And that’s usually right below your ankle and on the arch of your foot… So, when you’re looking at getting shoes for hacky, get the most square footage with a big flat area. I usually prefer basketball shoes or skate shoes ... high tops are great too because they have so much surface area--there’s a lot more room for forgiveness.”

Scott’s hacky sack of choice, the KickFire HotSack, is featured in this instructional video. The KickFire HotSacks is a half-filled leather footbag with quality stitching and comes in 4 different color options for users of all ages. You can check out the details on their website here.

The new KickFire Classics instructional video, “How to Hacky Sack for Beginners” can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

About KickFire Classics:

KickFire Classics is a toy manufacturing company in Kaysville, Utah dedicated to producing high quality classic toys that are both challenging and exciting enough to lure children away from their digital devices for some good ole fashioned fun. To see the full line of KickFire Classics toys, visit KickFire

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