Keratin Hair Serum Brand Releases New Information on Using Hair Serum for Beards

31 August, 2018

Perfect Hair Focus, the Irwindale, California based keratin hair serum company has released new information regarding how men can now use hair serums for beard maintenance as a part of their 2018 campaign on covering rising hair trends in the market.

According to Allen Farrar, spokesperson for Perfect Hair Focus, “Hair serums are usually made with essentials oils such as coconut oil, which is a popular fold remedy for hair problems. If these ingredients can work on our hair, who is to say that they cannot be effective in managing one’s beard as well? Using coconut oil for hair serums is something we have tried in our brand and we are happy to see our customers taking to it so well.”

Beards have become mainstream, with men from various walks of life sporting a variety of beards of different thickness and length. And just like hair, these beards too need products for maintaining the right texture and length. Instead of relying on specialized products, that can be both unnecessary and expensive, people can just use hair serums such as coconut hair serums that can be equally effective in managing one’s hair.

Hair serums enriched with natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, keratin etc can be used to manage rough and frizzy beards. In a study published by the National Institute of Health, coconut oil was found to be the only oil to help prevent protein loss in the case of both damaged as well as undamaged hair when used as a pre-wash and post-wash treatment.

It is extremely efficient at removing and preventing dandruff as it contains medium-chain fatty acid elements including lauric acid, capric acid and others that disrupt fungal, viral and bacterial cell membranes, leading to the death of the organisms that cause hair dandruff. Furthermore, ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil contain antioxidants that help promote healthy hair growth and prevents damage from airborne pollutants.

Perfect Hair Focus has launched a new range of natural hair care products that use the goodness of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, argan oil among others to create products that can protect hair from damage without using any chemicals or additives. These products are made in the United States and have been scientifically developed to provide the best possible care for all kinds of hair including damaged, colored and weak hair suffering from hair loss. Those interested can learn more at their official website –

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