Kenter International Logistics Follows Protocol For BMSB Peak Season.

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In order for Kenter International Logistics to provide the best quality service of transporting their valued customer's cargo then said procedures must be followed to prevent risk of any pest infestation around the globe.

Brisbane, Australia – Kenter International Logistics, an efficient transport carrier for cargos all around the world, announces to their valued costumers that they are taking extra steps on ensuring safety into their vessels from Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) infestation more seriously during this high season. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DWR) has been very strict—and is still getting stricter—about this and they have a strong stance against BMSB arriving with the cargo on board. This policy will still apply to all cargo that arrives at Australia till 30th April, 2019.

Kenter International Logistics have been taking all the necessary actions, one detail by another, in order to control and/or minimize the risks in which BMSB would be detected from ever reaching the vessels. And if BMSB is detected with the cargo on board, then any vessel that are carrying the said pest aren’t allowed near in any Australian ports—this may result to cause consequential inconveniences to their valued costumers entrusting to their services.

In order for them to protect the cargo and the interest of their valued costumers, the transportation company asks for them to understand and trust in the necessary process, and to comply with DAWR’s criteria before loading them into the vessels.

According with DAWR regulation, there are two categories of cargo expected to port in Australia; “Brand-new” and “Used”. As for the “Brand-new” category, the cargo from all that falls in to the “High-risk countries” list by DAWR and as well as China are to be either heated or fumigated before cargo loading. As for the “Used” category, regardless of the country of origin, same goes as mentioned above, the cargos are to be either heat-treated or fumigated before loading.

In regards with the treatment for preventing the pests being on board, it is required to any transportation company to follow the “minimum standards” by DAWR, and these treatments must be done correctly and carefully for it to be effective in managing the risk of BMSB being on board.

After the said treatment done for the cargo, the transportation company requests to all their valued customers to submit an Official Certificate—and such certificate will only be issued by off-shore BMSB treatment providers that are listed by DAWR—in which to prove that they have done the treatment required. Said list can be found here at

As for the used cargo and those from China, if no offshore BMSB treatment providers found listed by the DAWR, then the treatment is to be done by the listed providers listed here:

And if costumers cannot provide the said official certificate issued by DAWR-approved providers the the transportation company won’t accept the cargo booking from them.

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