Kelowna Hot Tubs Announces the Opening of Their New Hot Tub Retail Store

Kelowna Hot Tubs opens new location to better meet client needs.

Kelowna Hot Tubs proudly announces the opening of their new business, one committed to carrying the top industry brands. Kelowna Hot Tubs strives to provide exceptional service to all, employing knowledgeable staff with an abundance of industry experience to help them achieve this goal. The friendly staff answers all questions and guides customer through the Hot Tubs Kelowna purchase process.

"Hot tubs are meant to be enjoyed by all who use them, but a complicated purchase process or incorrect information at the time of purchase can leave the new owner very unhappy with their hot tub from the first use. Kelowna Hot Tubs wants to ensure this isn't the case and dedicates their work to ensuring each client is thrilled with their purchase from the first time they use it until the last," Jammie Phelan, spokesperson for Kelowna Hot Tubs, declares.

Ancient Romans and Greeks made use of a simplistic hot tub, taking advantage of the many benefits of hydrotherapy, and this medical treatment option continues today. Headaches and arthritis pains tend to ease with the use of a hot tub and muscle problems and joint aches become less noticeable. Colds and illnesses clear up in less time while the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and depression are minimized.

"The hot tub detoxifies the body while eliminating waste from within the body. Blood circulation improves, the blood supply is stimulated, and the immune system receives a boost. Visit Hot Tub Dealers Kelowna today to learn more about the many health benefits associated with use of a hot tub," Phelan continues.

In the past, old wine casks made of wood functioned as hot tubs, and the same type of setup continues to be used today. To ensure the hot tub remains watertight without the need for nails, the wood needs to be constantly soaked, and most manufacturers choose to use redwood during construction thanks to its durability, visual appeal, and longevity. Other popular woods include oak, cedar, teak, and cypress.

"Talk with Kelowna Hot Tubs staff members to determine which type best meets one's needs as each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The type of wood plays a role in the price of the hot tub, yet shouldn't be the deciding factor. During the consultation process, the staff member works with the customer to find the unit which best meets his or her needs in every way while staying within the customer's budget, as customer satisfaction remains the top priority," Phelan explains.

About Kelowna Hot Tubs:
Industry veterans, unhappy with the direction the market was taking, chose to band together to establish a new company, one committed to make a difference in the local hot tub industry. Kelowna Hot Tubs offers exceptional service and the top brands, ensuring the company remains at the top, dominating the local market and providing consumers with everything they want and need when it comes to their hot tub.

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