Katie Coates Property Development Public Hearing Yes Vote Service Announced

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Consultant and author of Yes Vote, Katie Coates, has announced she can help clients to get approval at public hearings. Her strategy sessions and books are designed to get results even in hostile environments.

Katie Coates, the property development project consultant and author of the “Yes Vote” book, has announced she can help people to get approval as they work through the entitlement process. She has designed a unique system that can help people to get the best results, and anyone can get in touch for a strategy session.

More information can be found at: http://yesvoteplan.com

Katie Coates explains that many projects that originally looked hopeless and are declared dead in the water can be turned around. This is where her “Yes Vote” book and strategy sessions can help.

There are a number of different times at which developers may encounter trouble during the project approval process. This can include the design review board, the planning commission, city or town council, or at a regional or state agency.

Through using the strategies discussed in the “Yes Vote” book, readers will be able to learn how to get through the entitlement process successfully, and change their project’s destiny in order to get the vote they want.

Katie Coates says that through developing a strategy and implementing the tactics available in her book, she helps clients with every aspect of their public hearing process. With the right frame of mind, the hearings can look, sound and feel better.

For anyone looking to get approval for their development project, “Yes Vote: The Public Hearing Plan for Developers” can help get the best result. The book was written from the ground up to help ensure developers find success with their projects.

It walks readers through developing a plan to strategically prepare for their public hearing. Topics covered include correcting misinformation spread about by opponents, finding supporters even in a hostile environment, and formulating a clear plan for success.

Katie has helped a number of different clients, who sing her praises after she turns around their projects. Anyone can get in touch to schedule a strategy session by using the contact form provided on site.

Contact Info:
Name: Katie Coates
Organization: Yes Vote
Address: 9121 Atlanta Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States
Phone: +1-877-881-2027
Website: http://yesvoteplan.com/

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