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MikeCagney.net is a website that updates daily with news and information about Mike Cagney, founder of the personal finance company SoFi and co-founder of Figure.

Reno, NV – For those who like to stay up to date on the latest financial tech news, the recent launch of http://mikecagney.net/ is intended to help them do just that. The site updates daily with news and information about Mike Cagney, a successful entrepreneur and giant in the financial tech industry.

The site provides general information on the well-known macroeconomist, including his past and current business endeavors and educational background. It also hosts links to his social media accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he shares insightful articles relating to industry news and best practices. But perhaps most importantly, the news source updates daily with articles from around the web that feature news about Cagney and his ventures. Examples of notable sources include the Huffington Post, Forbes, and Lend Academy.

Mike Cagney has been a star on the financial scene since he co-founded the personal finance company SoFi in 2011. As CEO of SoFi, Cagney helped create a site to help consumers achieve financial independence by giving them the tools to meet their goals, whether that’s buying a home or paying off student loans. The financial tool has helped over half a million users take charge of their finances and refinance their student loans in a fast and responsible way.

But Cagney did not stop there. After leaving SoFi in 2017, he went on to become the co-founder of Figure along with his wife June. Figure is an investment and money management site that simplifies financial goal setting. Like SoFi, the site helps users identify and use the tools at their disposal to achieve their goals. But unlike SoFi, it utilizes blockchain and AI technology to do so. Figure’s technology gives participants guidance on obtaining, trading, and securing desired assets. And unlike most blockchain companies, Figure is a fast and easy site to follow. Products the company specializes in include home equity loans, reverse mortgage alternatives, and wealth management solutions.

With both Figure and SoFi, Mike Cagney has shown his commitment to creating improved and more accessible financial platforms. Those interested in following his future endeavors can stay updated by checking in with the new http://mikecagney.net/ website. In the fast-moving world of financial tech, it is sure to be a useful source for anyone in the industry.

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