Josephine Abi Saab! A Rising Talent In The Photography World.

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Anyone can click on a cam, the produced image is not always a photograph! It can hold everything but it does not necessarily convey something. Josephine Abi Saab captures storytelling photographs.

Anyone can press buttons on a camera. The images produced are not always photographs. Images can hold everything. But they do not always convey something.

Each time Josephine Abi Saab holds up her camera and clicks, she captures an image. Upon applying her skill in composition, she transforms the image into a storytelling medium. Now she has created a photograph, reflecting her thoughts and emotions at the moment.

This weekend, Josephine Abi Saab published memories from her latest European excursion with her family on Facebook. It has already garnered dozens of comments from admirers. They praised not just the beautiful scenes of historic architecture that they visited, but the immense quality of the photographs themselves. Viewer comments often indicated that they thought the photographs were taken by experts. It just so happened that one of Josephine Abi Saab’s Facebook friends, Hermione Marconi, is actually a photographer by profession. According to her, the key to Josephine Abi Saab’s immaculate photographs is the last step in modern photography – digital editing. Josephine Abi Saab achieves her digital editing requirements with help from Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

Marconi announced to the rest of the audience “Josephine Abi Saab always applies the necessary digital treatments to her images before revealing them to anyone else. Corel PHOTO-PAINT allows her to finely adjust color temperatures to convey the intended emotion of each image.”

Marconi further said “Josephine Abi Saab also uses Corel PHOTO-PAINT to calibrate the levels of light in the image. If an image was not shot with the aid of professional light sources and reflectors, she may need to raise the levels post-capture.”

Josephine Abi Saab receives praise from Marconi with regards to her pictures being honest and candid, instead of being forcibly posed. Such style communicates the authenticity of the photographs, especially since her subjects are the most valuable things in her life — family.

“It helps that the kids are at ease whenever their pictures are being taken by their mother, Josephine Abi Saab, instead of another photographer who may be a stranger. Their emotions of happiness come out unpretentiously, setting up the best conditions for an image capture,” Marconi elaborated.

Samantha Westmoreland, the fashion magazine publisher and friend of Josephine Abi Saab, commented on her pictures, saying “Josephine has an innate talent for capturing the emotional characteristics of a moment through an image.” She indicated that Josephine Abi Saab has excellent picture composition skills, ensuring that each image tells a unique story.

Josephine Abi Saab’s digital photography skills have surged from five years ago, when she first discovered the possibilities with post-image capture editing using Corel PHOTO-PAINT.One can almost immediately become aware of each and every control made available by the software, but proper use only comes with a lot of trial-and-error experience.

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