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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Jim Tsokanos Publishes 2017 Trend Predictions

Jim Tsokanos Publishes 2017 Trend Predictions

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The Nu Nexus CEO is letting professionals know what to expect from healthcare technology in the upcoming year, reports

Jim Tsokanos, Chief Executive Officer of Nu Nexus Technology, recently announced the publication of his 2017 industry trend predictions. In his newly published article, the CEO lets healthcare professionals know what they can expect from healthcare technology as the year unfolds. Those who would like to learn more about Nu Nexus and the role the company plays in the development of new technology in the healthcare space can visit Jim Tsokanos on LinkedIn.

Healthcare makes up more than 18% of the country's GDP. According to a recent PWC study, the US healthcare industry is a $5 trillion ecosystem dominated by care delivery. Over the next decade, the balance will likely shift, with growth in wellness platforms and support. More than $1 trillion is expected to be invested in finance, payment, and regulation, and $83 billion in platforms and support.

With the introduction of the new Republican Healthcare Plan, combined with remaining elements of the Affordable Care Act, technology will play an enormous role in both the delivery and payment of healthcare. Following are some of the major healthcare technology advancements that Tsokanos anticipates will unfold in 2017 and beyond:

First, cyber security will be of the utmost importance. A higher level of protection and safety will be offered for the thousands of transactions (financial and medical) happening both online and on-site with healthcare organizations. Their teams will develop systems and infrastructure that can identify theft, phishing, email compromise, and ransomware.

In addition, telemedicine will become a huge focus. Nearly 50% of consumers are interested in new technologies that increase access to care while reducing cost. With only 1% of consumers having experienced an online appointment with a physician, new technologies and platforms will revolutionize care. With more than 50% of families with children admitting to using social media and reviews to research the quality and reputation of physicians and facilities, social media medicine will also come into focus.

Tsokanos has also identified that customer relationship management will become an important issue. As healthcare networks consolidate and continue to build out their strategies around population health, customer insights, satisfaction, and retention data will become the Holy Grail for growth. Just as other industries have adopted a customer relationship marketing strategy, healthcare organizations have an opportunity to use technology to better connect and analyze the patient journey from their call centers to front lines, ancillaries, and hospitals. The data will help them understand their customers, payers, and partners, and analyze reoccurring/lost revenue, new patients, and acquisition/profitability by customer.

According to Tsokanos' predictions, artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize healthcare organizations. They will utilize software algorithms able to better perform tasks that would normally require live human intelligence, including billing, certain call center operations, and scheduling.

Tsokanos also predicts it is highly likely that the elimination of the middle-man could be on the horizon as blockchain continues to increase in popularity. Envision a platform that could seamlessly connect patients, physicians, payers, employers, and payments on one secured digital ledger. Created as the platform to support Bitcoin, blockchain will be a disruptive force in identity management, Medicare/Medicaid fraud detection, and direct payment models with employers.

In the future, the healthcare industry will also see the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to better integrate and coordinate healthcare delivery. This will lead to the creation of a connected network of objects that seamlessly collect and exchange data in real time for major cost areas including inventory, supply chain, in-patient care, and operations.

Finally, the industry will see the "Uberization" of medical care. Location-based technologies like Uber are disrupting industries by creating a better product and a user experience that's more accessible and affordable. New platforms and apps will allow patients to find a provider or clinic, arrange for transportation, make a payment, schedule future visits, and provide access to a pharmacy for pick-up of medication.

Learn more about Jim Tsokanos on his blog and see how he and Nu Nexus Technology seek to change healthcare for the better.

About Nu Nexus:

Nu Nexus is a consultancy that identifies, develops, and disrupts industries utilizing new and emerging technologies, processes, and platforms. Nu Nexus Technology is making major investments in blockchain technology and developing new products in the healthcare, financial, media, and marketing space.

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Name: Jimmy Wilson
Organization: Nu Nexus
Phone: (718) 859-3021

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