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Jesus Love Ministries International Announces Release of ZOE NT and ZOE OT Full

Newly available full versions of popular iOS games offer more options and distraction-free ways to become better versed in the Bible, founder Jimmy Scarff reports

— Mobile software developer Jesus Love Ministries International announced the release of the full versions of ZOE NT and ZOE OT. Available for devices running Apple Computer's iOS operating system, these mobile board games provide entertaining, engrossing ways to study the New and Old Testaments of the Christian Bible while on the move. Creator Jimmy Scarff, the founder of Jesus Love Ministries International, sought to address a lack of high-quality software of this sort on Apple's iTunes store and believes that the newly released full versions of ZOE will enable even more Christians around the world to become more intimately acquainted with the Bible.

"Since releasing the Lite versions of ZOE NT and ZOE OT some time ago, we've been overwhelmed by the positive response," Scarff said, "and we're thrilled to be helping so many people expand the dimensions of their faith in fun, accessible ways." A major focus of Scarff's work over the course of the recent past, ad-supported versions of ZOE for the Old and New Testaments were released earlier this year. The games garnered impressive reviews on iTunes, quickly becoming recognized for being among the most polished and best-designed Christian educational games available. The just-released Full versions of the ZOE games do away with the advertisements which are incorporated into the Lite versions, allowing players to enjoy the Biblical games with no distractions.

"When I set out to create the ZOE games, it was with a two-fold mission," Scarff continued "First, I wanted to make studying the Bible even more fun and convenient than it had previously been. Second, I wanted to create something that would generate revenue for the charitable activities of my ministry." Inspired by classic word-based board games like Scrabble, the ZOE applications allow players to test their knowledge of the contents of particular Biblical books and passages in an engrossing, competitive way. Portions of the proceeds from both the ad-supported Lite versions and the newly available Full versions are used to fund a variety of charitable and evangelical activities undertaken by Jesus Love Ministries International. One of the most important of these is the group's effort to lend assistance to victims of the global child sex trade.

"From this point on, Christians and others interested in learning more about the bible can acquire the Old Testament and New Testament Full versions of ZOE from Apple's iTunes store for minimal fees," Scarff concluded, "and we can't wait to see the reactions to these improved, even-more fully featured versions of our popular games." In addition to lacking the advertisements that are used to support the Lite versions of the games, the Full versions of ZOE also allow players to make use of a variety of alternative Bible translations, in addition to the King James Version included in the basic software. The Full New Testament version of Zoe is currently priced at $3.49 on the American iTunes store, while the Old Testament equivalent sells for $6.49.

About Jesus Love Ministries International:
A Christian developer of mobile software which uses portions of the proceeds from its products to fund charitable and evangelical activities, Jesus Love Ministries International is one of the first and most-prominent such organizations to be established in Australia. Founder Jimmy Scarff is a person of deep belief and technical skill and uses these assets, along with his imaginative outlook, to produce fun, engaging, faith-enhancing software.

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