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Internationally recognized leadership and performance coach Jeremy Boone has launched a new, free leadership assessment to help coaches, players, and athletic directors to improve their leadership. The Winning Leadership Assessment can help anyone to discover the critical areas they’re missing to become a better leader.

Internationally recognized leadership expert, Jeremy Boone, has launched a new Winning Leadership Assessment to help athletes, sports coaches and athletic directors to find out what they’re missing in their efforts to creating a winning culture. He explains that in today’s world, there are fewer quality leaders than ever before in the world of sports, and his new assessment can help to improve leadership on a large scale.

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Jeremy Boone is a renowned performance coach and leadership expert, and consults with sporting leaders globally. He has worked with the NFL Carolina Panthers, NASCAR Penske Racing, USA Olympic Swimmers, and a range of athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS just to name a few.

Leadership plays a huge role in the success of individual players and sports teams in any sport. It’s both a crucial element of the locker room and the game itself on the field, and a lack of leadership can lead to less than stellar results.

Sports teams are at their best when working together to achieve a single goal, but to do this effectively requires leadership both on an individual level and a coaching level.

However, there are plenty of players and coaches out there who crumble under the pressure to win, because it stops them from being the best leader they can be.

Many coaches and athletic directors make the mistake of winning at all costs, which can cause massive pressure and fear of failure. This means that on-field performance is likely to fall through when it matters most.

The new, free Winning Leader Assessment from Jeremy Boone can help leaders to discover what they’re missing in terms of influence and impact. This in turn can help them to become the leader they need to be, and the leader their team requires.

Jerome Singleton Sr, former National Federation of High Schools said: “I have personally been involved with Jeremy’s message and program for what it takes to build a winning culture and develop emerging leaders. This program will benefit every leader, coach, and student athlete in the United States preparing them for anything life puts in their path in high school and beyond.”

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