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JD 618 “Open, Have Fun”Carnival Lands on the World Crossroads

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“Open, Have fun•Get aMore Crystal and Wonderful World”, the first TV industry IP in the world, created by the TV Branchof JD Appliances Business Department...

— How long have you not watched TV? Why not open it to get amore crystal and wonderful world!

“Open, Have fun•Get aMore Crystal and Wonderful World”, the first TV industry IP in the world, created by the TV Branchof JD Appliances Business Department, with the trend of JD 618 Shopping Festival in the middle of the year, landed on the Nasdaq screen of Times Square in New York, the crossroads of the world, to show the vigor of China’s appliance company to sweep the globe.

In March, 2019, the Action Plan for the Development of UHD Video Industry (2019-2022) was jointly issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration of Radio and Television, People's Republic of China, China Media Group. It clearly pointed out that it will reach the target of universal access to 4K TV in 2022, at that time, it will have 200 million UHD users with 4 trillion yuan UHD industry value. With the advent of 5G era, UHD TV and AI TV will become new growth points in the industry.

In the international market, Japan's 4K TV has increased by 29 percent compared with previous years. At the beginning of this year, Germany's UHD TV broke through 10 million sets, accounting for about 52 percent. In 2019, half of the receivers in the United States will use 4K monitors. With the full popularity of LED flat panel TV in China, the market sales of small-sized, ordinary HD TV and non-smart TV have declined significantly, however, 4K UHD TV products over 55 inches have increased substantially. Among them, the sales of ultra-large screen TV over 65 inches have increased by more than 100 percent in the first half of 2019 compared with 2018; the so-called future TV, OLED TV, increased by more than 300 percent in the first half of 2019. The above information was disclosed by the TV Branchof JD Appliances Business Department.

During 618 period of this year, 9 major TV manufacturers in the world joined togetherwith the TV Branch of JD Appliances Business Department to create the marketing campaign of "Open,have fun•TV Is My Companion", aimed at disseminating new TV concept to users, and showing more TV users that TV sets have actually implemented the functions like mobile phones, such as viewing the video programs, downloading as well as installing the applications and so on. Its intelligent system, voice operation and higher brightness can bring unprecedented visual experience to users.

Besides 4K and 8K HD picture quality, compared with mobile phones, TV, as an information exchange products of family, brings more experience than other smart devices, especially the increasingly mature voice interaction technology. For touch interaction of mobile phones, it is more friendly and convenient for the elderly and children.

In the process of human access to external information, about 70 percent of that comes from vision.The development of display technology and image and video tools is the core content of improving the efficiency of human’s information exchange. With the advent of 5G era, smart air conditioning, smart refrigerator, smart washing machine, smart curtain, smart door lock, smart cat's-eye and other intelligent devices have been widely used. As the only equipment with complex information processing, complex information display and audio-visual information display, the smart large-screen TV is becoming the terminal of information display and transmission of family intelligent equipment. In the era of interconnection of all things, the smart TV will become the most important Internet access, bringing more convenient and beautiful life experience to families.

"Open, Have Fun" actuallydoes not call for users to turn on the TV, but to embrace the era of smart home with an active attitude, to try more new technologies and find more beautiful things in life.

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