Japanese Salon to Open in Tanjong Pagar

23 August, 2018

Japanese Salon to Open in Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar, Singapore - August 1, 2018 - Another Japanese hairdresser Singapore is on its way to introduce modern hairstyles and hair care systems. Since Japanese-inspired hair is the rave these days, and Singapore is welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists who are not only visiting the country, but also trying everything that it has to offer, this Tanjong Pagar Hair Salon is born. The local hairdressing scene has garnered a lot of following from around the world, but to make it better, most Singapore-based hairstylist undergone training in Japan, a country where high-end and modern hairstyles are first known.

According to a report by Alibaba Printing, this hair salon aims to have the best hair service Singapore, with its wide array of haircuts, hair services, and pampering packages to offer. Of course, there will be dozens of hairstyles to boot, plus state-of-the-art hair rebonding, hair perming, and other hair treatments. Not only that, the salon aims to have the Japanese feel to it, adding Zen-inspired interior decorations, furniture that are shipped straight from Japan, and other Japanese-inspired items to add.

The owner apparently fell in love with the Japanese culture and decided to embrace it and materialise it into a salon. Promised are a warm, welcoming atmosphere, individualized approach, and high-quality service. The Japanese salon is set to hire a number of the best hair stylist Tanjong Pagar to jumpstart the opening. “Of course, we would like to hire only the best in the field. We’ll make sure that the people we hire knows Japanese hairstyle very well, and in addition, we will conduct a thorough training for them as well.” To know more about this information, please visit

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