Irvine CA Mental Health Gut-Brain Axis Holistic Wellness Event Announced

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A new mental wellness event has been announced by Amare, to be held in Irvine, CA. The focus is on the relationship between gut health and mental health and the company’s gut-brain axis.

Amare, the mental wellness company, has announced a new event showcasing the products available for increasing the health of the gut brain axis. Science has shown that this can cause positive changes in mental wellness, and the launch summit will showcase how mental health can be linked to the gut.

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The Amare event will be held on Saturday January 19th, from 10:00 – 16:00. It will be at the Amare Global Corporate Office at 17872 Gillette Avenue, Suite 100, Irvine, CA, 92614.

Attendees will hear from the Amare Global founding executives, who will discuss a range of topics linking mental wellness to gut health. The focus of the event is the idea that people have “two brains” – one in their head, and one in their gut.

Amare is known for developing the world’s first award-winning gut-brain axis nutrition system, designed to help people optimize their mental wellness. Attendees will learn how they can take themselves to a higher level of mental and physical performance.

Among the topics covered include the team providing more information on their platform of mental wellness products, programs and community. People will also learn why the nutrition industry named Amare the Best New Finished Product of 2018.

Mental wellness can be impacted by a wide range of factors, including experiencing stress, losing sleep, or having an imbalance of hormones.

The event will discuss how people can better manage their stress, reduce anxiety, and combat feelings of depression on a holistic and natural level.

Amare has created a holistic mental wellness platform that connects people with a purpose-driven community to help them achieve their nutritional and lifestyle goals.

Interested parties are encouraged to take a survey to assess the state of their mental wellness, which takes less than five minutes. The results will give participants a helpful picture of their mental wellness state ahead of the event.

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