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iPhone Repair Center Now Offering iPhone Cases To Help Customers Avoid Future Repairs

Having the right screen protector, can help avoid costly accidental damage.

— While the glass on an iPhone or Android device is quite strong, it is not break-proof. Using a device with a shattered screen is no fun, so finding ways to prevent breakage is crucial to enjoying any handheld device. Which is why one Boise iPhone repair center is now selling protective cases to help customers avoid future repairs.

"Many customers ask us, after having their iPhone repaired, what type of iPhone protective cases we recommend. Instead of just telling them our recommendations, we've added several top selling brands to our inventory so we can show them a variety, and let them choose which one they like best." Explained Al Loose, a certified iPhone repair technician, and owner of LoosePrices Repair Center in Boise, ID.

"One of the best protective cases on the market right now is the Survivor iPhone case. Made from durable materials, this case will protect most smartphone brands from drops, water, vibration and shock. In addition, the silicone material makes it less likely to slip from the hands and accidentally hit the ground." Said Loose.

Screen protectors aren't foolproof but they will go a long way in protecting a screen from cracks. Made from thin plastic, they will also protect the screen from smudges and scratches. A small investment into protecting a phone will save money on repairs later.

In the case that a screen does become cracked, the good news is that it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to repair. iPhone repairs can be performed at a local repair center fast and inexpensively. "Many people think that if they have a cracked screen, the only option is to get an upgrade or replacement which costs hundreds of dollars, which is simply not true. Repairs start at around $30". Said Al Loose.

Although iPhone and Android device screens are durable, they are still prone to damage if they are dropped or mishandled. To to prevent a cracked screen on an Android or iPhone, the first line of defense is the case. Investing in a good case will make all of the difference in protecting the screen.

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