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Canyon Lake, CA-based Dial World Communications, LLC has announced the launch of Zuzum to provide customers with a flexible, lower-cost option for international calls.

Canyon Lake, CA-based Dial World Communications, LLC has announced the launch of Zuzume, a simple and affordable long-distance calling option. This new international calling plan is intended to provide customers with a flexible, lower-cost option for those needing to make regular long-distance calls.

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The newly launched Zuzume aims to put their customers first by giving them expanded account control options, along with the ability to share minutes, set up speed dials, and more. The plan is intended to cover any call made anywhere in the world while only charging customers for the minutes they use.

The just-launched calling plan is also available as a prepaid calling card on Amazon and eBay in denominations of $5, $10, $20, and $50. Their prepaid mobile rates may save customers over 90% over their current mobile plans.

Zuzume also includes other features intended to help its customers save money. By maintaining customers’ balances and eliminating surcharges, customers can more easily keep track of and utilize their long-distance calling plan.

Zuzume is also launching with an Unlimited Global Plan, intended for subscribers who call up to 10 numbers in specific destinations most often and don’t want to deal with other restrictions. This plan is available for $15 and allows customers access to those 10 numbers in over 80 countries for a 30-day period. The plan then resets after 30 days.

For customers who are looking to make crystal-clear quality calls without making a purchase in advance, Zuzume is making available a PayGo plan that can be used with any other voice plan. This plan also works with any destination worldwide.

With this newly launched service, Zuzume is also making Wi-Fi calling available through its Wi-Fi App. This is intended for customers to call from any country where they have Wi-Fi access.

Customer Stephen Leslie shared their experience with the Zuzume calling card. “The card is very useful, the rates cheap, and the voice quality is pretty good. The best I have found in years.”

A $2 Free Trial offer is currently available allowing customers to try the service for free.

More information on Zuzume, including signing up for one of the company’s new plans, can be found at the link above.

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